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HTC Ocean Note could be introduced as HTC U Ultra!

Lately, there have been a lot of rumours about a possible HTC phablet, known as Ocean Note. However, it seems that it was just a code-name, since the Taiwanese manufacturer is planning to introduce it as HTC U Ultra!

Recently, a press invite for a special event, scheduled for January 12, was spotted online and managed to make a bit of light in this case. To be more specific, it was showing the letter ‘U’, in white, on a purple background, so, from this point of view, the name makes sense.

As for the specs, the trail is pretty cold, even though Twitter-based tipster @OnLeaks managed to come across a few details. It seems that the HTC U Ultra will feature a 6-inch display (hopefully with a QHD resolution) and no 3.5mm jack. Yes, we can expect to see this at the next HTC smartphones as well, since the manufacturer embraced the trend as well, this being the third phone they release to ditch the jack.

HTC might fit adaptive audio technology to this model, able to automatically adjust settings based on ambient noise. Ok, we’re looking forward to this!

Rumours claim that the handset will sport a curved screen and a pretty serious camera. The latter is speculated to have a very big DxO Mark score, even bigger than Google Pixel’s 89 points. The HTC U Ultra could be powered by the latest Qualcomm-made Snapdragon 835 processor, able to support 4K displays and Quick Charge 4.0, as well as dual-camera setups. And it should be available in Black, White and Blue.

Also, HTC is expected to offer a free screen protector with this phone, able to guard the fragile and crack-prone curved edges of this presumed HTC U Ultra.

Keep an eye on our site, as we will be back with more details on this topic!


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