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HTC Nexus Marlin New image leaked

There is a lot speculation about the new Nexus Marlin, but there wasn’t an image yet.  Thankfully Techdroid got a hold of the image of the Marlin and now the device won’t be like a ghost since we already know how it would look.   Well, not exactly as the photo only showed part of the screen and the rest of it is all covered.   Also, the photo is cropped, which makes it harder for us to know how it looks.   There is a high chance that it is done to be able to protect the origin of the photo because the company would probably want to be the first one to reveal how it looks like.

Nexus Marlin


Looking at the screen, we can tell the phone’s model name and that the phone would have the latest security patches from Google.  It would run on Android 7.0 Nougat, which is the latest right now.  Rumor has it that it would be manufactured by HTC, which means that it would have some updated specs such as a 5.5 inch QSD screen, a Quadcore Qualcomm processor, a 12 mp camera along with a 8mp front facing camera, and a 4gb ram, which would have some backup from a 3450 mAH battery.

The said device would come with a case that would hide the design as the manufacturer would not want everyone to see how does it look before they could even unveiled it first to the public.  This is nothing new as this is a common practice to protect the makers of the device, so that the other company can’t make their own line with the same look of the new device.  If you are wondering why most manufacturer has their own distinctive look of their device then this pretty much sum it.

Though, it has a camera, it looks like it doesn’t have one since it doesn’t have a camera bump like other phones that offer some camera features on their phone unit.  As of now, it is not clear on how it would do with capturing some image since its look is pretty much different from most phones with a camera.  It might be an advantage or a disadvantage to the unit since this design hasn’t been done before and this would be the first time that such design would be implemented on a device with a camera in it. And because of the camera bump that can be found at the back, it looks more like an HTC 10, with a camera sensor in it.

Currently, the information presented is not yet complete as there are still a lot of features that might be presented when the phone is launch.  No one is really sure on how it would look as the image above doesn’t show much of the device.  It is unclear whether it would look like most conventional Nexus device or it would not have the same look of the other units presented before.   Too little information is shared for us to speculate about the look of the device.


Source: Techdroider

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