HTC introduced Link VR Headset For U11 With 6DOF Motion Tracking System

HTC introduced Link VR Headset For U11 With 6DOF Motion Tracking System

HTC has always been very distinctive from other industrialized tech-based companies. Rather than resorting outrageously flashy advertising campaigns, HTC quietly edged out its competition by adopting a slogan -“Quietly Brilliant”. In accordance to the stance, the company gives birth to the new and trenchant HTC Link VR.

The company’s keen on upgrading their smartphones and Vive wireless kits is well-known and the new HTC Link VR headset, compatible with the HTC’s U11, is one owing to that. As you all know, the U11 has an extraordinary Edge Sense feature, which is completely a new one in the smartphones world.

Let’s have a look on the next-gen VR headset. You can check out some of the specs of this killer headset.

  • Head Mound display size – 197.69×116.61×167.33mm (approximately)
  • Weight – 554g
  • Viewing angle – 110 degree
  • Battery capacity – 2800 mAh
  • Display – 3.6-inch with 1080 x 1200 pixel resolution and 90Hz refresh rate
  • Connectivity – USB type-C, 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Bundled items – Stereo camera, 6DOF controllers, LED Makers for HMD, Straps for controller, alkaline AA, earphone

What’s more! The new HTC Link VR headset supports Six Degree Of Freedom (6DOF), an external motion controller tracking technology, similar to what we’ve seen earlier, in the Sony’s PS move system.


Wondering what it is? Don’t get anguished; we are here for you to explain. With the help of camera and controller sensors, the headset will track your head’s movements and location, as you physically move left, right, backward, up and down. As you notice in the pictures, both the camera and controller accessories are bundled in the box.

This makes it an attractive option, when compared to the other choices such as Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream. Moreover, the HTC isn’t using the lighthouse tracking system, originally used for all the Vive headsets, previously. Hence, we’re very excited to see, what kind of new improvements and experience are made available through this platform.

To support the release of the upcoming headset, HTC has partnered with the popular Ghost In The Shell, to bring audience a brand new cyberpunk VR experience.

That’s all the good news we have for you. With all those, we think you are must be too excited; then again, you’ll have to wait for a while to have it on your head. Yes, the new HTC Link VR headset will be available only in Japan initially, and will soon be made available to rest of the globe. Though its cost hasn’t been disclosed, we is expected to be an affordable one.


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