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HTC 11 Concept Render Reveals Dual-Edged Display With Button-Less Design

This year’s HTC 10 was received pretty well by the market and now, six months after its official launch, we can already start thinking at its successor, which should be introduced as HTC 11, if the manufacturer maintains the same naming convention.

Until now, there haven’t been a lot of rumours about this handset, but we did get the chance to see a very interesting render of the HTC Ocean concept, which might reveal the way HTC 11 will look like!

The designers over Tech Configurations believe that it will rock a display curved on both edges, similar to what Samsung used for the Galaxy S7 edge and the Note 7. Apparently, this is already a trend, since other manufacturers, like Xiaomi, for example, are also linked to this feature for upcoming flagship smartphones.

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Also, another interesting feature of this HTC 11 concept is the button-less design. This idea originates from a leak by one of HTC’s designers, which revealed a similar concept, so it’s very likely to see no physical button on next year’s flagship front panel. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time when one the company’s high end model ditches it.

Moving on, the HTC 11 concept is also waterproof, a feature that is considered by a lot of manufacturers a necessity. After Apple and Samsung decided to make their flagships IP67 certified, it won’t be such a surprise if HTC decides to join the club.

The features list should be completed by a dual camera setup, as well as a USB Type-C port, which will soon be a standard for most smartphones, not just flagships.

Of course, since there’s no official confirmation that the HTC 11 will look like this, our recommendation is to take everything with a pinch of salt, at least until some leaks make the rounds online.

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