HP’s Windows 10 Mid-Range Smartphone To Be Launch In Next Month

Apparently, there are quite a few people out there fancying the idea of having Windows 10 Mobile on a smartphone, otherwise we cannot explain HP’s decision to launch a mid-range handset, rocking Microsoft’s mobile operating system. As a side note, the market share dropped below 1%, but hey, tech giants know best!

The smartphone should be introduced in the coming months and it will be a more consumer-focused model, unlike the Elite x3, launched by HP last year, with a price tag that kept most potential buyers away.

To be more specific, by consumer-focused we refer to a Snapdragon 600 Series chip-set under the hood, but with some high-end features as well, like support for Continuum and the Desk Dock, currently selling alongside the Elite x3.

Of course, the aspect we’re very curious about is the pricing of this smartphone. It needs to be more than just pocket-friendly, otherwise, a lot of Windows 10 Mobile fans will eventually prefer opting for another mobile platform.

Finally, let’s not forget that right now, Windows Phone is considered by the tech community a business-oriented mobile operating system, since the casual users still find it difficult to operate. From this point of view, the demand for a mid-range device could be high enough to justify HP’s decision to invest in research and development, considering the OS’ ridiculously low market share.

For the moment, there aren’t any other details about this upcoming HP smartphone, but we will be back with more details as soon as anything new comes up.

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