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HP Elite X3 Pricing, Release Date Announced

The HP Elite X3 is all set for a launch in India towards the end of July though no pricing details specific to the region has been made available so far. HP has earlier confirmed the Windows 10 based handset will go on sale in the US for $699 and $699 EUR in Europe.

Both the prices mentioned apply to the SIM free unlocked version of the Elite X3 with 64 GB of internal storage. HP meanwhile has also confirmed the mobile is all set for launch in 47 countries spanning the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific region. Both the single and dual SIM versions of the handset will be launched depending on the demand for the same and the region it is sold in.

The Elite X3 will be sold both as a standalone handset as well as a bundle offer comprising of the HP Elite x3 Desk Dock together with the handset. The price for the latter has been pegged at $799 and will be available from Aug 29 onward.

That apart, there is going to be another bundle offer comprising of the HP Elite x3 Lap Dock on top of the HP Elite x3 and HP Elite x3 Desk Dock. However, no pricing and availability details have been announced as yet though chances are that it could be priced on the other side of $1000.

HP had earlier stated they are aiming at the enterprise segment with the new X3 mobile. That said, there is no stopping any enthusiasts from lapping up the device, not with the kind of specs it sports.

Also, apart from being Continuum ready using the supported Desk Dock, another nice aspect of the mobile is its compatibility with the Lap Dock device. What makes the latter so special is that it has the looks and feel of an ultrabook but lacks a processor, RAM and internal memory of its own.

Instead, it is the Elite X3 that would be providing the processing power along with storage needs even though users can continue functioning on the Lap Dock. That makes it just right for application in the business scene as the users will just need to carry the handset while still being able to work on an ultrabook. No need to carry an entire ultrabook for the same.

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