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How To Use Twitter Stickers The Right Way

Twitter is complicated enough as it is yet surprisingly effective at the same time and now, it has strikers! Sure, they have been available for over a month but some of you are probably still wondering how to use them.

First of all, the Twitter Stickers are available as a new image editing option and it’s only available for free for the iOS and Android apps. They are also flat-like and look very much like Google stickers. They also come as accessories for various subjects in a picture or in selfies and these take the shapes of headphones, crowns, devil horns and so on. A really interesting aspect is that Twitter made it possible for users to search for tweets where the same stickers were used which should be fun.

We’ve made it clear that you need an Android or an iOS based device with the Twitter app.


So, if this has made you want to try out tweeting with stickers, here’s how to do it.


Open the Twitter app and you tap the ‘Compose’ button.


Then you will have to tap an image or just shoot a new photo.


Now, choose the smiley from the bottom right corner. If you choose a preexisting image, you’ll see the smiley overlaid on top of the image.


After taping the smiley, the stickers will reveal themselves and you can select whichever one you want. They are grouped by recently used, popular, accessories, animals, objects, symbols, smileys, food, activities, flags and travel. After you’ve selected the sticker.


Now you can modify its size, reorient it or just move it. You can choose other stickers to place on your picture as well.


After you’re done with the sticker placing, tap save.


Then finish composing your tweet – maybe you want to put some text in it as well. Finally, tap Tweet.



That’s it, Now you can Send, Share and place your image anywhere you want.

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