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How To Root Samsung Galaxy On5 (SM-G550T ) And (SM-G550T1)

If you’re after a mid-range handset, there are tons of great options right there. However, one specific model that caught our attention was the Samsung Galaxy On5, a very well built device with a spec sheet that will most likely be enough for the average user.

However, we do know about Samsung’s biggest problem: the operating system. Usually, only high-end models receive the latest updates on time, while most mid-range models need to wait a very long period to get them. Besides this, we all know how annoying TouchWiz can be some time, especially if your carrier loaded it with unnecessary apps. Still, all these can be fixed through a very simple process…

Rooting your Samsung Galaxy On5 is a relatively simple process, which will enable you to get the max out of Android. One of the biggest advantages is that after doing it, you can install a custom ROM on your phone, taking personalization to a whole new level!

In order to root the phone, you need to have a custom recovery installed. You can find a detailed tutorial on how to do this here.


Warnings & Requirements


  • If you opt for rooting Samsung Galaxy On5, you will automatically trip the Knox warranty, as well as voiding the phone warranty, and you won’t be able to claim it back.
  • Make sure you follow the steps presented below correctly, otherwise you risk damaging your phone completely.
  • It is very likely to lose all your data after rooting, so perform a full backup of your phone.
  • Ensure that your phone’s battery level is above 60% before starting. However, our recommendation would be to start with a fully charge battery, so you can avoid an accidental shutdown.


Root Samsung Galaxy On5 (SM-G550T ) And (SM-G550T1)


Step 1: Install TWRP Recovery on Galaxy On5.

Step 2: Download the SuperSu zip file to your phone. Here – Download 

Step 3: Boot your device into Recovery mode.

Step 4: While in TWRP recovery, tap on the “Install Zip” option and select the file you just downloaded, in order to root Samsung Galaxy On5.

Step 5: Swipe in order to install SuperSu. The whole process should take just a few minutes.

Step 6: Reboot your device.

And that’s it, you have successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy On5! If you’re facing any difficulties during the process, feel free to contact us, using the comments section below!


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  • Cornelio Rodriguez

    do i install supersu on pc or on phone

    • viraj

      SuperSu is always for phone, it gives root access to apps that requests it.

      • Luis Gonzalez

        Viraj when i try to open the twrp app it says that i need to be rooted. And it won’t let me in so I can’t flash the twrp app

        • viraj

          yes you need to be rooted if you want to flash it using the app but instead you can flash img using adb. This should fix your problem.

  • aj

    how do I load recovery mode

    • viraj

      Volume up + power button i think.. If that doesn’t work try home button also in that combination. and it it loads fastboot then its volume down utton

  • Gabe

    I put twrp on my phone successfully but i keep booting into the stock android reocovery. any help?

    • viraj

      If TWRP is flashed properly it will replace stock recovery therefore maybe you need to flash it properly. Go to playstore download TWRP and from that app you can flash TWRP easily. Try this and tell me if it works or not.

    • SpiritPlays

      take out the battery

  • ch1n0 m3x

    Hi i cant get to open twrp when i put fone on recovery mode what can i do

    • viraj

      what does it says when you try to open recovery?
      And yeah if you don’t have twrp, go to playstore download twrp and install recovery from that app, its super easy.

  • G4142

    Is there twrp or cwm fo sm-g550t1?

    • viraj

      There should be one. Try googling.

  • Marc Watt

    I have the ON5. I have rooted all my previous Androids, but in the past I had dual boot with windows. Now I have only Linux Mint 18.1. Has anyone rooted their On5 in Linux? I am looking for personal experience. I am leary of the linux ODIN.