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How to Root Lenovo Vibe K5 Note Without PC

It’s been a few years since Lenovo entered the smartphone market, reaching that status of a serious manufacturer. One of the best examples of what the Chinese company can do is the Lenovo Vibe K5 Note, an impressive smartphone released recently and boasting a high-end spec sheet. Some of the features worth mentioning are the 4 GB of RAM, 5.5 full HD display and the 13 MP main camera, as well as the fingerprint scanner.

Out of the box, the phone is running Android 6.0 Marshmallow, customized with the manufacturer’s user interface. However, if you want to explore the possibilities offered by the OS, you can always root Lenovo Vibe K5 Note. So we have mentioned step by step guide to Root Vibe K5 Note without PC or Computer.

The process is not that complicated as it seems and one of the main advantages it brings is the possibility to flash Google’s latest operating system, Android 7.0 Nougat. Let’s find out how it’s done…




  • Make sure your phone is connected to the Internet, preferably over Wi-Fi
  • Your battery level needs to be at least 70%. However, we’d recommend starting this with a fully charged battery, in order to prevent an accidental shut down.


  • This method works just for the Lenovo Vibe K5 Note. Don’t try it for other models, like the K4 Note, as it won’t work. Also, please be aware that rooting automatically means losing your warranty.


Guide To Root Lenovo Vibe K5 Note


Step 1: Reboot your Lenovo Vibe K5 Note.

Step 2: Download the Lenovo Vibe K5 Note rooting package Here – Link

Step 3: From the rooting package, install the Kingroot app.

Step 4: After the installation is completed, open the app. Choose ‘Root’ from the options. The app will immediately start rooting the device.

Step 5: After a few minutes, your phone will display a “Successfully rooted” message.

Step 6: Tap on “Reboot device”.

Step 7: Download the Supersu apl and install it on your phone. You can find it here – Link

Step 8: After installing it, the app will ask you to update Su binary. Tap on “yes”.

Step 9: After updating, perform another reboot of your phone.

That’s it! As you can see, rooting Lenovo Vibe K5 Note is very simple and it can be done without a PC! Now it’s time to start exploiting the possibilities a rooted phone offers, like making the jump to a new and improved operating system, like Android 7.0 Nougat.

If you have any question regarding this process, feel free to drop us a few lines, using the comments section below.

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  • Mayank Gautam

    It is not actually working on my lenovo vibe k5 note

    • viraj

      Can you tell me what probllem you are facing? you also can make a thread here at our forum
      Attach screenshots if necessary..