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How To Repair Your Water Damaged Smartphone

It is like a nightmare to see your smartphone falling into water. Doesn’t matter if it’s a bucket or a poo, you know that that device is not going to work anymore after next couple of seconds. After all, it is a device that costs you multiple hundred dollars and it is very likely that the device will be useless after the accident. In case you have a waterproof smartphone you have nothing to worry but, most of us don’t own those costly devices therefore, we need a to route to another method.

If you drop you phone into water there are 50-50 chances that it will work again. No method can literally guarantee that your phone will surely work. And there are high chances that your gadget has been permanently damaged. But that does not mean you cannot save your phone, there are still chances that you will have your device functioning just like before.

Today we are writing some tips for our readers so that you can make out through this nightmare. So let us begin.

Take your Phone out of water and make sure it is switched off:

Take your phone out of the water body as soon as possible because more time the phone stays in water, the chances of recovering it decreases. Therefore, you have to take quick action and take the device out of water even it’s dropped into your toilet, just do it.


Once you take out of water, check if the phone is switched off and make sure it stays that way. And if it’s not off then switch off the device and take the batteries out quickly. Then take your device to some same environment and put it on a flat surface with some paper towels.

Things not to do:

The followings things can make a huge difference in survival of your device. Therefore, you should be careful about what actions you take. Before we start rescuing process, you should be careful about the dos and don’ts. This will alp you prevent major failure and save your phone from being totaled.


  • Do not switch on the phone, as Electrical components do not play well with water body.
  • Don not plug your phone to a desk charger, USB port, or any kind of power source.
  • Do not press any buttons. A key press can push water further into the device that is why try not to do it.
  • Do not blow into your device and don’t even shake it to take out water as it can cause an inverse effect and water can be pushed further into your device.
  • Do not use any driers to supply heat to the phone. Because extensive heat can also damage your phone instead of repairing it.
  • Do not move your phone too much to prevent watering the crucial components of your phone

Disassemble your device:

Disassembling your phone is an important job in this situation. But, do not mistake this step with disassembling everything. You should remove only user removable parts of the phone. This includes back cover, SIM cards, SD cards, battery, etc.

If you are an experienced person with mobile devices and knows the ins and outs of a device, you can take the whole phone apart. But, you have to remember that this action will void your warranty and if you don’t mind that than you can surely do that for further cleaning process.fdgfg

Dry your device’s exterior with paper towels:

First we have dry out excess water from the exterior of your smart device. Use paper towels if possible because they are great at absorbing water. Clean every component with paper towels. Don’t mess up with your device too much as it can damage your phone as we have already discussed. Therefore, perform this action gently.

You can also try a vacuum cleaner:


As you apply paper towel over your device, you will experience that there are certain areas that cannot be accessed using a paper towel. And then vacuum cleaner comes into picture. We indeed tell you not to blow in your phone but you can surely suck out the excess water out of your phone. Actually vacuum cleaner can suck water out of your device without damaging it furthermore. But, while working with a vacuum cleaner make sure that the suction does not move your device too much. And try to use a smaller one, the below picture is just for a reference!

Time to dry out your device:

This is the hardest part, because you have to leave your phone for a certain period of time. This means you will not be able to use your phone (anyways its dead, you cannot use even if you wish!). Therefore, try borrowing another phone from your friend. Make sure to dry out the SIM card before inserting it into another device.

So now people uses different methods to dry their device. You can just leave it in a drawer to dry it out, or you can use some environment that will fuel the drying process. For that you can use rice. Yes, leave your phone inside a Ziploc bag filled with rice for around 2-3 days. This will speed up the drying process.


The reason to use rice is that rice is easily available in everybody’s kitchen. Rice is good at absorbing humidity from the air, and this property will help your phone to dry out faster. There are other batter alternatives also available

These batter alternatives includes silica gel packs. These silica packs are the little packets you often found in your shoes, water bottles, and electronics boxes. But I am sure that you don’t have one right now as just like everybody else we throw it out in the trash. Therefore head to Amazon, there you can find some good deals on silica gel packs.


Another alternative is to buy a water rescue kit. We very much like Kensington’s EVAP bundle. This bundle includes a silica gel pack and a special bag. They states that this kit is 700% more efficient than drying your phone in a rice bag. It is hard to check their claim but you can surely try this out, as it might be worth investing while your device is at risk.

The moment of truth

Now the time comes for the truth. After few days take your phone out of rise bag or wherever you left it. Than assemble your phone carefully. Plug it in and try to turn it on. If your phone boots up that means you have succeeded! Still you have to look for unusual behavior as certain parts maybe damaged and not working. Make some calls check if microphone and speakers are working or not. See if the touch and display is working properly.

Now, after all the efforts you cannot get your phone working than you should head to some professional or you can claim insurance if you have one.


I don’t want to sound harsh but we already have made all the efforts and done whatever we can. Maybe it’s time for a new phone, guys. Hopefully this guide will cure your device and get it working as you wished. And that is all for this guide.

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