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How To Install OxygenOS 2.2.2 On OnePlus X – Full ROM + OTA

The OnePlus X was pretty much one of the best deals of the moment when it was launched, offering an excellent spec sheet for the price, alongside a really good looking design. Also, one of its main selling point is the operating system, OxygenOS, which is pretty much an improved version of stock Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. To be more specific, you’re getting all the goodies of a Nexus, alongside a few tweaks, brought by the manufacturer’s custom ROM.

Still, it wasn’t perfect. Even though it sounds flawless, a lot of users complained about the operating system, which was dealing with some annoying issues. Realizing the huge potential this phone has on the market, OnePlus immediately came with a fix, by releasing the OxygenOS 2.2.2 update. And it brought tons of new stuff! So We have Listed the procedure to install latest OxygenOS 2.2.2 (Based on Android Lollipop 5.1.1) on Your lovely Oneplus X Smartphone.

OxygenOS 2.2.2 New Features:

  • Upgraded camera, now featuring version 1.4 UI
  • Trusted face unlock security option
  • Improved camera frame rate performance
  • Carrier name mapping updates
  • Swiftkey update, to version 6.3.3
  • June security patches
  • Fix for default SIM card selection issues
  • Fix for network operator selection issue
  • Fix for screen rotation issue
  • General improvements and bug fixes

A lot of users have already received the OTA update, but if you weren’t that lucky, there’s no need to worry, as you can also flash it manually. However, there’s one important aspect that needs mentioning: the Oxygen OS 2.2.2 update is based on Android Lollipop 5.1.1. You still need to wait for Marshmallow. Below you have all the instructions on how to do it

What You Need ?

  • Download OxygenOS 2.2.2 zip file.

  2.2.1 – 2.2.2        ->  Link 

2.2.1 x – 2.2.2     ->  Link

2.2.2 Full ROM ->  Link

  • A full backup of the date you have on the phone.
  • The battery level should be more than 60%, at least. Our recommendation is to start this process with a fully charged battery.


Guide To Install OxygenOS 2.2.2 on OnePlus X


Step 1: After downloading the OxygenOS 2.2.2 ROM zip file, place it on your phone’s internal memory.

Step 2: Boot your phone in Recovery Mode by switching it off and turning it on again by pressing and holding     Volume Down + Power Button.

Step 3: While in Recovery Mode, wipe the date and the cache, in order to perform a clean installation.

Step 4: Remaining in Recovery Mode, tap on the Install button and locate the zip ROM file. Wait until the                  installation is complete.

Step 5: Once the installation is done, reboot the system.

And that’s it! Your OnePlus X is now running the latest OxygenOS 2.2.2 update and you can enjoy all the new features.

If you have any questions or encountered any issues during installation, feel free to drop us a few lines, using the comments section below.

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