Huawei Upcoming Honor 9 Press Renders Leaked
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Huawei Upcoming Honor 9 Press Renders Leaked

A new image, apparently showing the front and the back sides of the forthcoming Honor 9, have been leaked today. It is certainly fair to say, Honor has been doing great, since over the past year, by when the Honor 8 was launched. The leak doesn’t bring us any big surprise, as the design and looks are pretty much same as the last year’s handset.

Yes, it seems that much of the features from the Honor 8 have been transferred to the Honor 9, on the design aspects. The image, clearly infers that the device’s rear edges are tapered, taking the way the light hits against it, into account. Well then, we could expect an improvement in its ergonomics. There is also some text in the rear glass, however it isn’t legible and in Chinese.

Honor 9

While, having a look on its front, we could see the bottom bezel holding some differences; the Honor’s logo is removed and the fingerprint sensor is placed there instead, which is also expected to be the home button. We could also make out the changes with the volume and power keys, on the sides.

Hence, it is obvious that, some compromise had been made, to move the fingerprint scanner up front; and one among them is, there won’t be a smart key, something that was enormous in its predecessor. The smart key performs actions like taking a shot, launching an app and firing up the flashlight.

We can’t lend the clear information about the various sensors, as of now. But, based on our observation, the proximity sensors, front-facing camera, earpiece and the dual-camera setup, are identical to that of its predecessor; there aren’t any major difference in the appearance of the sensors.

Taking all these into consideration, on the whole, we had found a considerable volume of issues, depicting either this press render is phony or it might be some other variant. Therefore, with this first leak, we had noticed too many features to be same as the last year’s flagship. Let’s keep our fingers crossed to see, what it will be.


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