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Honor 8 Lite Images Leaked, Looks Very Similar to the Huawei P8 Lite (2017)

There are hardly very few day to go for the MWC 2017, trade show to begin. Hence, there are a plentiful leaks and rumors, spreading on the internet in superabundance. The first one to hit the street is surprisingly the Honor 8 Lite smartphone, which we will get to know in detail shortly, as it will be launched soon. Anyway, this secret news was leaked by Roland Quandt, a famous leaker; who has confidently leaked a series of images that illustrates, how the smartphone actually looks like.

However on the first-look, everyone would really be a bit confused as the device looks closely just as like Huawei’s another recently leaked handset, by the name P8 Lite from the year of 2015 rather than P9 Lite from last year. Now get ready to hear some more strangeness.

The leaked images allegedly shows the Honor 8 Lite inside a defensive case. So, we are not able to get a clear view of the phone device exactly. Yet, the images are pretty clear to prove that the new device looks a lot like the Huawei P8 Lite, which is a handset that is regarding to be released in the United Kingdom very soon (2017).

Of course, we have a doubt that there are some possible chance for the same handset to be launched in the market with a third name to use! Yet, the Honor 8 Lite is accepted to come with a single rear camera; and will sport a MicroUSB port, instead of the USB Type-C port, which is indicated in the unveiled images. As well as, a rear fingerprint reader could also be found.

Once after being revealed at MWC (Moblie World Congress) 2017, the Honor 8 Lite would march to the markets as soon as possible. The handset will come in White, Black, Blue and Gold colors. Intriguingly, the prize amount will be around $300. On the whole, we have to wait and watch to know whether the Honor 8 Lite will be a new device or it comes with the base of Huawei Lite series.

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