Google’s Own Smartphone May Launch This Year (2016)

According to foreign reports, Google plans to launch its own brand of smartphones , so the smartphone market to re-shuffle. A move that would intensify its Android mobile operating system, control, and direct competition with Apple iPhone.

According to informed sources, the tech giant is working with mobile operators to discuss the launch of Google brand mobile phone matters. The move will allow Google to enter the hardware field.


Google developed Android operating system already running on four-fifths of the world have been sold smartphones. It LG and Huawei partners with Google Nexus brand launched a series of smart phones. However, Unlike Apple, it will be the task entirely to the production of hardware to other companies, such as Samsung, is focused on developing its own mobile phone operating system for free.

According to sources, Google’s new own brand of smartphones will be launched at the end of this year. Google will gain greater control over the smartphone design, production and software.

Although Android runs on the vast majority of the world’s smartphones have been sold, but the lucrative high-end market, Apple is still the undisputed king. Now, Android device manufacturers abundance, they are on this operating system with varying degrees of adjustment. This makes it difficult to protect the Google Android consistency. Some Android smartphone users often have to wait several months to get updates. Some mobile phone manufacturers even deleted Google’s own built-in Android Internet services.

Google launched its own smartphone, will make it possible to control the use of the Android operating system, to ensure that their services, such as Google search engine and Google Play app store appeared in them.

“They are worried that the Android operating system will be fragmented. They want to make Android a better control of their platform.” Market research firm CCS Insight analyst Ben Wood said, “I think they will increase this control of the operating system, like apples.”

Google known for Internet software known, but in these recent years, it began to get involved in the hardware area. For example, it launched its own tablet PCs , notebook computers and other devices. Earlier this year, it hired former Motorola CEO Rick Oscar Castro (Rick Osterloh), Google allowed to take charge of the newly established hardware department. It is further clear to the company’s ever-expanding ambitions.

The company’s CEO Sundar Pichai last month claimed that “Google is preparing to put in more effort” to develop smartphones. But he also said the company will continue to support the Google Nexus branded smartphone. This year it is expected to continue to cooperate with Taiwanese company HTC to launch Google Nexus smartphone. “Our plan is to continue to cooperate with other handset manufacturers.” He said.

The EU has been accused Google of abusing its monopoly Android. Now, Google build its own brand of smartphones move could give the EU added a new excuse. In April this year, the European Commission formally charged Google alleged monopoly, claiming that it uses Android and successful application store to promote its search engine and Chrome web browser. The Commission reserves the right to impose its Google total revenue ($ 75 billion) 10% of the fine.

Google declined to comment.

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