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Google Pixel 2 Revelations – Advanced Processor, Powerful Camera And A Budget Friendly Pixel 2B

Google Pixel and Pixel XL were the ‘smartphones at its best’ in the year 2016, which are strongly speculated to have successors this year. Based on the rumors and news about this upcoming models, we are tentatively going to stick with the Pixel 2. Here, we’ve conferred a rundown of new specs, we believe to be featured in the second generation model.


The foremost important and interesting speculation regarding the Google Pixel 2 is the ‘Water-resistant’ frame work. It might come as a special variant, however not sure how genuine this info is. The water-resistant chassis is now in vogue, which is featured in various smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone and the upcoming LG G6; hence it is believed that Google will also annex this characteristic as a part of their oncoming invention.

Top-Notch Camera

The Google Pixel was praised for its outstanding camera that challenged the iPhone 7 Plus. The 12.3-megapixel smashed the market, and considered to be the best feature of the Google Pixel. Hence, it is expected that the company would retain the testimonials about the camera in the new model also. It is said that the Pixel 2 would sport a stellar camera with advanced low-light photography.

Advanced Processor

As far as the processor is concerned, we can expect a bit of surprise here. It is said that the company has a few prototypes ready, which are at the testing stage; where, the one powered by Snapdragon 83X SoC and the one consisting Intel Chipset are the attention grabbers among-st them. Moreover, the speculations, which reported that MediaTek is helping-out Pixel 2, is very unlikely to be true.

A Budget Pixel 2B is Arriving?

In 2015, Google presented the Nexus 5X as a budget device and the expensive Nexus 6P as a flagship. The same strategy would be followed here too. The Pixel 2 is expected to arrive with a price tag, not less than $649, and apart from it, it also speculated that the company is working on Pixel 2B, which would come with decent specs and obviously at budget price.

Release date of Google Pixel 2, Pixel 2B

Reports have strongly suggested that the Pixel 2 would definitely come out by this October. The speculated budget variant Pixel 2B is also expected to be launched at the same day and stage, as of the Pixel 2.


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