Google Phone App Update Keeps Us Away From Spam

Aren’t we all tired of spam e-mails? But at least e-mail providers have a filter against it and most of the spam mails we don’t even get to see. But think about spam phone calls. Aren’t those such a drag? Telemarketers usually call at the most importune moments and while you don’t want to be rude – they do tend to hold a conversion for as long as possible. We’re not the only ones who think this is a problem – the most complaints regarding phone services refer to telemarketer calls as well those robot managed calls.

So what can we do about it? Block each number at a time? Well, Google, the whole-round problem solver, has figured out this issue is nagging a lot of people and is coming to our rescue. The company has developed spam protection for their Nexus devices as well the Android One gadgets – so that their users never get an unwanted call again.

Google is still developing this technology, but on what they think is a spam call they will send out a message under the caller ID which says ‘suspected spam caller’ to inform their users that they have encountered this number before and it was reported as spam. You can help with Google’s protection as well, reporting as spam a number that could be included in this category but somehow was not flagged a spammer.

The Federal Communications Commission has been confronting this problem long on, getting complaints from a lot of people about these spam calls that cannot be detected. Since then, Tom Wheeler, the Chairman at FCC, has been determined to pressure phone carriers as well as wire-line companies to strike against robot calls. Google was one of the first companies to listen to Wheeler’s proposal of bettering the user experience and developed this spam protection.

The AT&T phone carrier has also accepted the FCC proposal of getting rid of robot calls and developing a better protection against spam. The CEO of AT&T has confirmed creating a Strike Force against Robocalling, which will look into solutions for this problem as well as helping the FCC find out how they can help in this nagging problem all phone owners have.

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