Google Launched Much-Awaited Motion Stills For Android

Google Launched Much-Awaited Motion Stills For Android

Most of us might be knowing that the Google has released Motion Stills app for iOS around a year back but sadly it wasn’t available for Android users till now. Now, the good thing is, the app has been released officially for the Android and if you want to use it, you can surely download it from Google Play Store.

Now, to those who don’t have any idea about this app, Motion Stills is an app, which lets us create beautiful small videos or GIFs using Google’s advanced stabilization and rendering technology. In iOS, the app works little differently as iPhone supports Live Photo feature, so the app just stabilizes the live photos to make them more beautiful.

Sadly, Android phones don’t support Live Photo feature, hence the app works on a different algorithm. One thing to notice here is, the app doesn’t allow to import existing clips due to “support issue”. However, it allows capturing a new 1-minute long time lapse clip (Fast-Forward) or three-second animation (Motion Stills).

The app also gives an option to switch on or off the stabilization mode, which at the end comes as a handy feature. However, I don’t think that anyone would switch off this really advanced feature, which makes the clips more smooth. Once capturing the desired clip, the app allows to convert it into GIFs and share to friends with one tap.

To view, all recorded Motion Stills and Fast-Forwards, users need to swipe up after opening the app. Once opening Motion Stills gallery, users can share any older clips. The app is free to download from Play Store but works only with phones running on Android 5.1 or more.

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