Google’s 55-inch 4K Jamboard Now Available in the US – A New Digital Whiteboard

Google’s 55-inch 4K Jamboard Now Available in the US – A New Digital Whiteboard

Google has put the new digital whiteboard for its G suite customers in motion, dubbed Jamboard. The device was actually announced back in October of 2016, without any pricing and availability details. And finally, the product has now been made available for purchase.

Google Jamboard

It’s just for the business purposes and creative sectors, rather than any home-based utilities. This digital Jamboard sports a 55-inch 4K computer touchscreen, running a special whiteboard app on top of Android. Now, you might have come to know that it is not just a whiteboard.

What’s more! The Jamboard has, an optional rolling stand; built-in camera; speakers; and two stylus pens and a digital eraser, which enables the users to write and erase, just like using a traditional whiteboard. Further, you can purchase it in three different color options such as Cobalt Blue, Carmine Red, and Graphite red.

It is connected to the Google’s cloud and comes with associative tools that allows multiple people in different locations to access and share the files stored in sheets, slides, and documents, just through the device.

Fortunately, if you are in the US, consider yourself lucky. Yes, you’re able to order a Jamboard at the price of $4,999, for which you will get two styluses, one eraser, and one wall mount. Yet, you will have to pay an additional $1,199 to get a rolling stand. But, you’ll have hurry up for it, because it is a discounted price for a limited period. After September 30th, the cost of the stand will be increased to $1,349.

The annual management and support fee for the product is $300. Then again, it is for the first year alone. After that, it will be doubled as $600 per year. This summer, the Jamboard will be available for purchase in Canada and UK; and over the time, it will also be made available in some other countries too>


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