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Google focuses on recent Android N Beta version for further improvement

Beijing time at 1:00 on May 19, the annual Google I / O General Assembly held as about. Just the same as the previous year’s I / 0 Assembly most global release hundreds of millions of Android users expect a new version of Android OS system than on. In fact, as early as March of this year, when Google has already pushed up to the part of the developers code-named Android N preview version of the content, but in today’s conference, Google focuses on recent Android N Beta version of experience for improvement .

The Google Android N emphatically elaborated improved from the performance, safety, and productivity in three areas, first in terms of performance, this Android N graphics processing will officially support all the features Vulkan API, which can greatly reduce the performance overhead of the GPU allowing developers to more directly to smartphones and tablet computer’s graphics processor to control and enhance the game’s visual experience.

It also introduces a new real-time JIT compiler to compile and mix, optimized for each of the APP, thereby greatly enhancing the speed of installation of APP, storage performance, Google official APP claimed that enable the installation of speed improvement of 75%, while reducing the compiled code APP 50%.

Security, this Android N will support the new file encryption mode, you can even encrypt individual files separately. Meanwhile, the system update in the Android N has also been optimized, like Chrome Book, supports seamless system updates, and no longer need to download a separate ROM, the system will be a silent upgrade installation.

Productivity, Android N in functional experience has also made some improvements, so that the native Android system experience more convenient and personalized. For example, this Android N joined a new window mode, support for split-screen multitasking. In addition, message notification bar has been improved, can respond directly to the new message, press notification may be muted or intercept processing. Finally, the default Emoji expression have also been upgraded, the number increased to 72.

In the conference, Google also announced a series of relevant data. As of 2015, APP downloads Google official app store Google Play for more than 65 billion times, and Android Wear has had 10 partners, including TAG Heuer such luxury watch brands, and has more than a hundred car models which supports Android system.

It is noteworthy that, although this time Google has published the new features Android N, but did not formally announce its system version number, nor even confirm its final version of the name. By convention, Android version of Google great dynasties were named to dessert, this is no exception, Google even openly invite users to come together to vote for the final screening of the name, and in due course officially announce the final name.

It is reported that the new system will include Android N accumulated more than 250 new features, and will continue later this summer. But now Google has begun to Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus Player, Nexus 9 Nexus line and other equipment to push the latest Android N Beta version, users of these devices can focus on the case of push.

According to foreign media reports, market institutions Blancco recently published a statistics showed that, Android than iOS system has a higher failure rate, and these failures include charging, camera, touch failure, SD card, a microphone and the like.

Research found that, Android OS system equipment failure rate is 44%, while the iOS device failure rate of 25%. In addition, a further report on the situation in the previous quarter were analyzed, most of them appear fault models for the Samsung Galaxy S6, S5 and S6 Active, to know that this is the most popular of several Samsung products, so the huge technology also led to a high rate of failure. Lenovo K3 Note and third-generation Moto G also appear in the rankings this failure rate.

But Lenovo K3 Note and Moto G are entry-level products, the failure rate is high is understandable, but the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S5 failure rate reached 7% and 6%, this situation is more worrying.

In iOS system equipment, the failure rate of 25% mainly from the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s, and now these two iPhone is the most popular version.

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