Google Daydream View VR Launched in India For Price of INR 6,499

Google Daydream View VR Launched in India For Price of INR 6,499

Google Daydream View is critically acclaimed globally, after it was launched in the US and the UK, by the end of last year. And now, it’s time for India to caress it. Yes, the VR headset has been officially launched in India yesterday, with a price tag reading INR 6,499. It’s exclusively available for purchase through Flipkart, for the customers in India.

Daydream view VR

It basically comes with a pair of lenses, rendering an immersive 3D experience in playing games, watching videos and also in using VR-ready apps, on its compatible smartphones. As we all know, the devices that supports the Daydream View, are the Google’s Pixel, Pixel XL and the Moto Z series smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ will also support this latest VR headset, very soon.

On the build and design, it is made of soft breathable fabric and is designed to fit over spectacles, to make it comfortable for the varied kind of users. An auto-alignment system is enabled between the phones and the headset, so no more issues on matching connectors.

Interestingly, the headset also supports various apps like Street View, Google Photos, YouTube and Play Movies. Moreover, it comes with a wireless controller that will allow the users to interact with the virtual world, the same way they interact with the real world around them. A specific space is allocated to dock the controller inside the headset, avoiding the chances of missing it.

One special feature to compliment, is the sensors, which understands all the movement and gestures of the users and precisely responds to the users’ actions. Thus, it’s a great opportunity for the Indian users to acquire the best VR experience, delivered by the Google Daydream View that arrives in the Slate color.


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