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Google Android ‘N’ Stand For NOUGAT (Officially Revels )

Google is going to launch its new update for android after the android 6.0(Marshmallow) Named android N. Its preview is been released and the final releases is declared in the third quarter of 2016.

Its developer preview started on march 9,2016 with release of preview 1. Updated preview is released each month . Second preview of N is launched on April 13,2016. On May 18,2016 Android N’s preview no 3 become available and preview no 4 available on 15th june,2016.

Now the major question is what the later N stands for ? The first guess was nutella .Then it also can be Nestle for google’s partnership with nestle after the launch of android kitkat 4.0 But finally we all came to know that the N is stands for NOUGAT.


Android nougat provides split-screen multi window mode . In which user can use two apps at a time in the half of the screen .User can enjoy the new features of android N in their nexus smartphones launched after 5x.

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