Google Android Go Announced With New Set of Features for all Entry-Level Smartphones
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Google Android Go Announced With New Set of Features for all Entry-Level Smartphones

Just today, we brought you a big surprise, regarding the Android O, and now another one is added to the line. Earlier today, Google took the stage to announce its Android Go, which is really an unexpected astonishment, the company has fetched us. Well, it clearly indicates that Google is working tirelessly for a better user experience, with them.

For a bit of intro, back in 2014, Google launched an initiative called, Android One. But the initiative never really took off. Hence, as a rejuvenation, now Google is back with the new push, Android Go.

With this new announcement, we have been drawn into numerous questions, like what is Android Go?  What it intends to do? Well, Android Go mainly aims at three things, let’s have a brief look on it.

Firstly, Google has added a new entity of data management, in the Quick Settings and an API is granted to the carriers, which will let you know how much data is consumed in a time frame, along with easy ways and means to top-up your data. This feature is built-in with the Android Go configuration, which is claimed to take over all the other pre-installed apps, very soon.

On the other hand, it is said that Google has built this new Android Go, heavily inspiring from their recently launched app, named YouTube Go. It holds some highlighted amenities, such as you can check out the video before watching it, to decide whether to watch it or not; watch videos offline; and even watch the video either in Basic or Standard quality. All these are put-up, to save your data.

Moreover, it is going to be made mandatory for all the third party apps, to stand by a set of rules from Google, called the Building for Billions, in order to feature them in the Play Store of Go devices. Hence, we could expect lite versions of apps, working with limited network connectivity and hardware usage.

The Android Go powered devices will be launched in 2018. Finally, all the aforementioned features will be applicable, only for devices that will run on Android Go and uses a 1GB RAM or even less than that (until 512MB).


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