Google Officially Announces Android 8.0 Oreo in New York Event
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Google Officially Announces Android 8.0 Oreo in New York Event

Just a day ago, we have received a leak saying that Google might change the name of Android 8.0 to Android Orellete instead of Android Oreo. But well, the Google has ruled-out all the rumors and launched the OS with much-expected name Android Oreo. There are many noticeable changes in the Android 8 but when it comes to UI, a normal user won’t notice much. Let’s know, what major changes Google has brought with Android Oreo.

There are few major features which make Android O more exciting such as picture-in-picture support, notification dots with adaptive color capability, a new set of emoji, limiting background task to save more power. This Android O also gets faster boot speed and also claims to increase the app loading time. Additionally, the new OS gets the support of Android Instant Apps.

In Android O, the notification panel gets a little tweak with more smooth transitions and more options to handle it. Additionally, the Android Oreo comes with adaptive icon feature which changes the icon’s shape and size based on what option you have selected. As of now, the feature has three option, circular shape, rounded square shape and one more. Well, we can expect more options in future updates.

In the launch event, the company has said that by the end of this year, several new devices would come with Android O and several others currently running compatible devices would start getting OTA update. The Pixel and Nexus users would be first to get Android Oreo update, however, the company hasn’t said any word from when these devices would start getting updates.


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