Fully Functional iPhone 7 Lightning EarPods Shown In Video
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Fully Functional iPhone 7 Lightning EarPods Shown In Video

Besides the design, one of the most interesting and in the same time controversial features of the upcoming iPhone 7 is the way the headphones will connect. It’s been a few months since several sources started claiming that Apple is planning to ditch the 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Initially, it was believed that iPhone 7’s will use AirPods, a completely wireless solution, allowing simultaneous charging and music playback, but this wouldn’t have been very profitable for Apple, so they decided to opt for Lightning connectivity. That’s right, the headphones and the charger will share the same port.

Like expected, everybody was curious to see the new EarPods in action, so a lot of fake images with the headset invaded the Web. However, the first video with the actual headphones made the rounds online today, giving us the chance to take a glimpse at them.

It seems that Apple hasn’t changed their that much, the only notable change being the positioning of the in-line controls, which are now placed farther down. But we want to know more about the addition of the Lightning port onto the EarPods!

The plug seems bigger that Apple’s usual adapters, as it contains a digital-to-analog container for music playback. Of course, the company will most likely start selling Lightning-to-3.5 mm jack dongle shortly after the launch of the new iPhone 7, adding a new revenue source, since a lot of people will want to replace the EarBuds with something better.

The leaked video also proves that the headphones are completely functional, as well as the in-line controls. Basically, these might as well be the EarPods that Apple will put in each iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus box.

It will be very interesting to see how the market will react to this new change. Currently, there are a lot of fans claiming that this is a very risky move from Apple and the die-hard iPhone users will be totally disappointed, but let’s not forget that almost the same things were said after the company decided to use a new charging port.

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