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Flexible display is to start a different Era of smartphones

As the title says flexible displays are going to be a reality in near future. Samsung and Microsoft have been researching on flexible displays from a couple of years that we all know of. They both have developed prototypes of ‘Youm’ OLED display three years back.

Last year in November 2015 Samsung has filed a patent for a foldable phone. The report says that the phone module have an integration of fingerprint scanner or an iris scanner. If Samsung jumps on iris scanner then it might turn the table for Samsung. Iris scanning is a technology that authenticates your irises with the use of mathematical pattern-recognition techniques.


The patent application gives us a hint about its design that we can see here. Its going to be a fold in half phone with curvy edges like we’ve seen in Samsung’s Galaxy Round. The much known camera bump still persists. USB dock is positioned edge of the fold which is only accessible while the flap is closed which means we cannot use the screen while the device is charging. Samsung might revise this and may come up with a change.

Another news from January this year from South Korea suggests that Samsung is going to start mass production of foldable displays by the end of the year and they might be launching their new adventure next year. People are excited for the upcoming generation of smartphones as they have become essential part of our lives, and they are expecting this to be reality but many experts of the industry says that this technology will take about 2 to 5 years before we can get them into practice.

While Samsung is working on foldable displays, a report published on this Monday suggests that Apple is also about to come up with something new too. Apple may adopt silver nanowire technology which is being prepared by Apple supplier TPK which is known for Apple’s 3D touch. This silver nanowire technology makes the display flexible enough to survive a drop. This might not look a big improvement while we see Samsung coming up with folding displays and curved televisions but correct and efficient implementation of this silver nanowire technology might give Apple a different impression.


Coming back to Samsung there’s also news about the Project Valley phone with foldable display which is about to launch next year. The report says that it would be a 5 inch device while folded and would work like a tablet of 7 inch while the fold is off. Report also suggests that Samsung is experimenting on Snapdragon 620 and snapdragon 820 for this model. The RAM of the phone would be 3GB and no detailed have been found for the storage. It is yet to see what new technology these tech giants bring to the war. And we hope to see some major innovation in the build and design in the new smartphone era.

Source: via Patently Mobile
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