E-Ink Foldable 10.2-Inch E-Paper Display Reader Showcased

E-Ink Foldable 10.2-Inch E-Paper Display Reader Showcased

Most of the folks already knew the 6-inch panel E-Ink display that is offered in many e-readers, today. But what we’ve come to know today is, the E-Ink company has unveiled a much larger e-display, and surprisingly, it’s a folding e-paper.

Last week, E-Ink showcased numerous new products, but the one that caught our glee is a new folding E-Ink display. E-ink says that, this unit will be ready for mass production, once it is lined-up with a customer. Let’s take a peek on this device, to see what it has to offer.

E-Ink’s E-Paper display is presumably the best, in making paper-like electronic tech, which has been utilized as a part of Kindle, Nook and Kobo-style eBook readers. The company also creates displays for industrial and business products.

Moreover, the folding prototype is made of plastic and features a 10.2-inch Carta Mobius panel, with a pixel density of 220ppi. E-Ink touts that, with the help of a magnetic snap, the screen can be enclosed in a folding cover that can be opened and closed like an actual real book.

Interestingly, the device uses a very low power, to function. Yes, the E-Ink display doesn’t draw power from its battery for displaying unchanged page. Hence, the battery life tends to be quite amazing. So, that’s great an experience, for such an anticipated tech.

On the whole, a genuinely foldable digital reader has been a fantasy of millions of people, who devour e-books at all the time. We are damn sure, if company wraps-up this product, it would sell like hotcakes.


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