How To Download A Tracking App For Android Smartphone
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How To Download A Tracking App For Android Smartphone

How to keep track of your loved ones? Are the children at the pool or the arcade? Today, it’s easier to find this out through your smartphones. Thanks to the proliferation of GPS-enabled smartphones and a steady stream of free or affordably priced tracking apps.

The Tracking apps for Android are those kinds of apps that are used to track location, calls, messages or many other features of smartphone users. These apps are great for safety and security purposes and in some cases for spying. These apps are also used for business purposes nowadays and let you find your loved ones with the directions to their locations. Another good thing about these apps is that they can help you find a stolen device.

One such app for Android phones is Xnspy which offers location tracking and geo-fencing. So it automatically records the footprints of the target person. The app works in real time so you won’t be lost while tracking.

The complete procedure to download the app on an Android smartphone is discussed below. There is also a step-by-step guide on how to install the tracking app for Android.

Supported variants

Xnspy offers tracking features for both Android and iPhone. Since this article is about the Android variant of the app, so only the relevant information will be discussed here. The app offers compatibility for the Android phones from 4.0 versions till the latest 7.0 Nougat. And it works with both rooted and unrooted Android smartphones.

It means the app is up-to-date and ready to be used on the latest version of any Android smartphone.


  • A smartphone with latest the Android software.
  • To have physical access to the phone you wish to track.
  • Ensure that the phone is charged sufficiently.
  • Perform a regular back up of your phone as a precaution.


Download and Installation:

Download this app


There are three major steps involved in setting up Xnspy on the target Android phone or tablet. The installation procedure does not take long, but the following steps must be followed for smooth installation.

  • Subscribe: Like many apps, Xnspy also charges for its service. Choose a plan that suits your requirement. You can choose from the Basic and Extreme packages depending on how far you want to go with monitoring someone’s phone.


  • Download: After subscription, you will receive an email with the download URL, online account credentials, and an activation code that you use on the target device after installing the app.


  • Start tracking: Login with your account information to start using this tracking app for Android phone.


The installation procedure is over and you are ready to use the app. Following are some tracking features offered by the Xnspy:

  • Track GPS Location of your loved ones by using this app. The app offers real-time location tracking feature. This means it gives you accurate location information at a certain time. But if you are busy or unable to monitor location all the time then gives you location history logs. Which provides all the details about the location where the target person have been to.
  • Geo-Fencing is another location tracking feature that restricts the movement of your target to certain locations. If the person enters/leaves those locations then you will be notified by alerts. You also have an option to create a Watchlist of specific locations that you want to monitor.
  • Tracking Instant Messengers like Facebook, Skype chats, WhatsApp, Instagram, Tinder Viber and many others is a significant feature offered by this app. Considering the prevalence of social media and its reach, this app can help you monitor all these famous social media platforms. You have access to their messages all the time.
  • Tracking through Watchlists is a feature made to save your time. Usually, people would go through all the text messages in the inbox or IMs, or they search all the browsing history of the target phone. Keeping a Watchlist of certain words and places can save you a lot of time by checking on the specific messages.
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