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Download New Google Pixel Launcher Zip And APK File

Back in August, there were a lot of rumors claiming that Google will soon release a new Nexus Launcher, perfect for those who want to try the stock Android experience earlier. Even more, an .apk file with the launcher was leaked online, allowing users to test it on their phones. However, it seems that it was far from being the final version…

As you probably know, Google is planning to ditch the Nexus brand and replace it with Pixel, the first phones using this moniker, Pixel and Pixel XL, being expected to make their debut in the upcoming weeks. Considering this, we weren’t that surprised when a new launcher, Pixel Launcher, started making the rounds online.

Well known HTC leakster @LlabTooFeR posted a set of images with the launcher today, revealing a very clean design, which we were pretty much expecting ever since the first leaks were presented.

As you can see, the Google search bar is gone, being replaced by a widget, while the icons also seem a bit different, but approaching the same flat style the search engine company used us with lately.

The images also reveal that the Pixel Launcher will also allow us to rotate the home screen, alongside other features.

Of course, the biggest change brought by the Pixel Launcher is the lack of an app drawer button, but this doesn’t mean that the drawer itself is gone. In order to access your apps, you can now swipe up on your home screen.

If you’re willing to try the new launcher on your phone, you can find the download links below.

Zip file: Pixel Launcher

Individual files: Pixel Launcher 7.1-3231428 (.apk) | Wallpaper Picker (.apk)

We do not guarantee for the safety of this files, so proceed at your own risk.

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