Download MIUI China Stable ROM For Mi 6
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Download MIUI China Stable ROM For Mi 6

If you’re the lucky owner of the new Xiaomi Mi 6, you should be aware of the fact that the latest, China-based, MIUI Stable ROM for Mi 6, was just released and it’s now available for download and installation. Currently, it’s rolling out over the air and bring several new improvements, like Image Search, Smart Assistant, Smart App Launcher, as well as several Performance Enhancements.

However, it should take a while until all users will be notified to install the update, so you can’t wait until this happens, you can also install MIUI for Mi 6 manually, by simply following the instructions in the guide below.

Before proceeding with the installation, you should know that this is a Chinese ROM, so it includes Chinese bloatware apps, while the Google applications are missing, but this shouldn’t be an issue since you can install them manually as well.

MIUI ROM Changelogs


Here you can find a complete list with all the new features and improvements brought by the new update:

  • New icons
  • New system optimizations
  • A new smart app launcher
  • Home screen assistant
  • A new split screen feature
  • Simpler home screen editing
  • A new smart notifications filter
  • A new shortcut for transport cards, placed on the left of the lock screen
  • New shortcuts for frequently used features, placed on the left side of the lock screen
  • Improved readability for the start page of the messaging app
  • Revamped and simplified features (50+)
  • MIUI Labs was introduced
  • Improved image search


Warnings and Requirements


Before proceeding with the installation guide, you should be aware of the next aspects, in order to avoid any issues during the process:

  • The update can erase the data on your phone, so it’s highly recommended to take a full backup of the phone before starting.
  • Check your phone’s battery level and make sure it’s somewhere around 50-60%, so you can avoid an eventual shutdown, in the middle of the process.
  • If you’re planning to use the Fastboot ROM method, make sure your bootloader is unlocked.
  • Enable the USB debugging option.


Download MIUI For Mi 6 (China Stable ROM )


Here you can find all the links for the files needs for the installation:

MIUI for Mi 6 (Recovery ROM) – Download

MIUI for Mi 6 (Fastboot ROM) – Download


Install MIUI on Xiaomi Mi 6


Like pretty much any version of MIUI, it can be installed on a Xiaomi phone using two methods, Recovery ROM and Fastboot ROM. Below you have instructions for both methods:


Recovery Method


Step 1: Make sure you’re currently running MIUI 8 on your phone.

Step 2: Download the MIUI Recovery ROM for Mi 6 from above, then save it on the phone.

Step 3: Launch the Updater app on the phone.

Step 4: Click on the three-dot menu, then pick the ‘choose update package’ option.

Step 5: Wait until the phone reboots to the latest version.


Fastboot Method

Step 1: Using this link, download the Mi Flash Tool – Download, then extract it and install it on your desktop or laptop.

Step 2: Download the MIUI Fastboot ROM for Mi 6, from above.

Step 3: Boot the phone into Fastboot mode, by simply pressing Volume Down + Power.

Step 4: Connect the phone to the PC, using a micro USB cable.

Step 5: Extract the Fastboot ROM .zip file, then copy the path.

Step 6: Open the Mi Flash Tool, then paste the path of the ROM in the address bar.

Step 7: Hit Refresh, which will instantly recognize the device.

Step 8: Click Flash, in order to begin the installation process.

Step 9: Wait for around 10 minutes, until the process is completed.

Step 10: Your phone will boot to the latest version instantly.

This is how you can install MIUI on Mi 6, in just a few minutes. If you have any questions regarding the entire process, please leave a comment in the section below.

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