Download MIUI Global Stable ROM For Mi Max Prime
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Download MIUI Global Stable ROM For Mi Max Prime

The latest MIUI for Mi Max Prime was made available for download and it is now rolling out OTA! It’s a stable version, which can be used for your daily driver with any issues at all, bringing all the new MIUI 8.2 features and improvements.

Users will receive the pop-up notification once the update is ready for their handsets, but, on the other side, you can also download MIUI for Mi Max Prime and install it manually on your phone, if you follow the instructions in our guide, available below.

This isn’t a major update, if you already have a previous MIUI 8.2 version. Still,, along general stability improvements, includes a fix for the algorithm error appearing while switching from the lunar calendar to the Gregorian calendar.


Warnings & Requirements


Please consider the following recommendations before proceeding with installation, in order to avoid any complications:

  • This update is just for the Mi Max Prime, so don’t try it on other Xiaomi models, since it won’t work properly and it may even damage your phone.
  • The update package may erase the data on your handset, so it’s highly recommended to take a full backup before starting, just for the safer side.
  • Your battery level needs to be somewhere between 50-60%, which allows you to deal with an eventual unexpected shutdown, in the middle of the process.
  • Please follow the instructions in our guide clearly, making sure you don’t skip any steps.


Install MIUI on Mi Max Prime


The update can be installed through two different methods, Recovery ROM and Fastboot ROM. Depending on your method of choice, you can download the ROM, using the links below, then save it on your phone:


Download MIUI For Mi Max Prime



After this, please follow the steps in our how to install MIUI 8.2 Global Stable ROM on Xiaomi handsets. The process is very easy, so you shouldn’t encounter any issues.

This is how you can install MIUI on Mi Max Prime! If you have any questions, please contact us, using the comments section below.

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