Download MIUI For Redmi Note 3 – Global Stable ROM
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Download MIUI For Redmi Note 3 – Global Stable ROM

After a long wait, Chinese manufacturer started rolling out a stable version of the MIUI for Redmi Note 3. Initially, the MIUI beta was released, but they skipped the installation and are now getting ready for this new and improved version.

The update is rolling out OTA and it introduces a couple of pretty cool features, specific to the latest MIUI 8.2. In order to try it on your phone, you can wait until you will receive the official notification, telling you that the update is ready but considering that we’re talking about a phase-wise, roll out, it should take a while until this happens. Therefore, you must agree with us that the better option is to install MIUI on Redmi Note 3 manually, following the simple steps in the guide below!


New Features & Improvements


Lock screen, Status Bar, Notification Bar

  • All the lock screen notifications can now be deleted through a simple swipe
  • New UI adjustments for toggles have been introduced
  • The battery saver toggle can now be added to the Notification shade
  • An Optimization for the lock screen PIN layout was introduced
  • The icons for USB charging and switching keyboards were replaced by new ones
  • The floating notifications won’t appear in the DND mode anymore
  • A fix for all the issues with the notification shade, during incoming call floating notifications, was introduced
  • The Wi-Fi page won’t make the device freeze anymore, when you open it for the first time
  • Fix for all the issues with the notifications shade
  • Fix for all the issues with opacity, when using third party themes
  • The first notification can now be removed by swiping once on it
  • Fix for the landscape mode issues, created by third party themes

Home screen

  • The home screen settings can now be found in the Settings menu
  • The part of the UI used for deleting app is now visible on light backgrounds
  • Minor adjustments for animations in the Launcher were introduced

Virus Scan

  • You can now scan the apps downloaded from other sources than Google Play


Important Advice


There are a few aspects which you should consider before installing, in order to avoid any issues:

  • This method is just for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, so don’t try installing it on another handset, since it won’t work.
  • The process will erase the data on your phone completely, so it’s highly recommended to take a full backup of the phone, in order to avoid losing any important stuff.
  • Please make sure that the battery level is around 50-60% before starting, otherwise you risk dealing with an unexpected shutdown, exactly in the middle of the process.
  • Follow the steps in the guide correctly, making sure you don’t skip any of them.


Install MIUI on Redmi Note 3


On Xiaomi smartphones, you can install the latest updates using two methods: Fastboot and Recovery. Everything you need to do is download the ROM, then follow the steps.


Download MIUI For Redmi Note 3


  • MIUI OTA ( MIUI to MIUI ) – Download


After downloading, please check out our guide on How to Install MIUI 8.2 Global Stable ROM on Xiaomi smartphones and everything will be ready.

And this is it! You have installed MIUI  on Redmi Note 3 successfully. If you’re facing any issues during the process, feel free to contact us, by dropping a few lines in the comments section below.

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