Download Huawei MediaPad M3 Nougat B338 Update – BTV-DL09, W09
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Download Huawei MediaPad M3 Nougat B338 Update – BTV-DL09, W09

For all the MediaPad M3 owners out there, we have got you a good news. Recently, we reported that, your handset will receive the Nougat update. And now, the official Nougat for MediaPad M3 update, has arrived for both the BTV-DL09 and BTV-W09 models, which is wrapped with the EMUI 5.0 OS.

You don’t need to worry about the stability issues, since all the files are uploaded, right on the Huawei’s official server. Hence, you can flash the stock Nougat for MediaPad M3 manually here, since all the files are available for download.

So, if you have a MediaPad M3 (be it BTV-DL09 or BTV-W09), you can simply follow this guide to Download MediaPad M3 Nougat update.


Firmware Details


  • Device – MediaPad M3
  • Model – BTV-DL09/BTV-W09
  • Android Version – 7.0
  • EMUI Version – 5.0
  • Firmware – B338
  • Build Number – BTV-DL09C233B338/BTV-W09C233B338
  • Region – China
  • Status – Official
  • Type – Full firmware image




There are some common issues, you are bound to face, while downloading and installing this new update. So, do mind the following points, to avoid it.

  • The update is applicable only for MediaPad M3, and won’t work on other variants.
  • Keep in mind, your device will have to be on stock firmware and stock recovery.
  • It is highly recommended to have a back-up of all your valuable data, as there are chances for losing it, during this process.
  • Make sure to keep your battery level for up to 50-60%, so that your device will not turn-off in the middle of the process.
  • Please follow the steps in the specified order.


Download MediaPad M3 Nougat Update File


Nougat For MediaPad M3 – BTV-DL09C233B338


Update.Zip – Download

Update_data_full_dualcu_cn,Zip – Download


Nougat For MediaPad M3 – BTV-W09C233B338


Update.Zip – Download

Update_data_full_hw_cn.Zip – Download


Install B338 Nougat update on MediaPad M3



Step-1: Firstly, download the file and extract it.

Step-2: In the root of the SD card, create a folder with the name dload folder and place the extracted file in it.

Step-3: Then go to the phone’s dialer screen, dial *#*#2846579#*#* to evoke a hidden menu.

Step-4: To begin the update process, tap on the Software Upgrade, to start the SDCard upgrade.

Step-5: Wait for a while, until the process is completed. Don’t interrupt this process.

Step-6: Now reboot the device.




Step-1: Download the file and extract it.

Step-2: Copy all the files including to the dload folder.

Step-3: Then dial *#*#2846579#*#* in the dialer screen, and open the hidden menu.

Step-4: Tap on the Software Upgrade and initiate the SDCard upgrade.

Step-5: The update should have started by now. Wait until the process is completed.

Step-6: Reboot your device.


We hope that you will enjoy with this new update.

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  • Ricardo Bahn

    How to install on the WIFI version? There is no Dial app.

    • Divyesh Mistry

      Yeah, Don’t worry about that. we will make a post on our forum shortly regarding your issue. i will share the solution here as soon as possible.

      • Richard Acquah

        My model number is (BTV-DLO9C199B002 )I downloaded the update on the above but unfortunately it doesn’t support my device,pls can you help me out.Thanks

        • Viraj Desai

          What android version are you using?

    • viraj

      here’s a possible solution. Download the updater from here:
      -Download latest Hisuite from official huawei website
      -copy the files in the dload folder
      -Open huawei update, tick in custom rom and set the version number BTV-W09C233B336
      -In Custom rom URL copy this link
      -Then tick custom port, don’t change it.
      -now connect your phone with pc and make sure Hisuite recognize and
      connected properly. then -just open Hisuite menu and change network
      settings as shown in image below.

      This will work!

      • rob van den berg

        What about mac users?

        • viraj

          don’t know that huawei has a mac version or not but you can install a virtual machine and run windows in your mac. you’ll have to work a bit more but that will work for sure.

  • Richard Acquah

    Please why don’t you show how to upgrade the m3 on YouTube, that will be much easier to follow thanks.

  • Richard Acquah

    I tried but it keeps saying the update is not compatible with my device