Download Lineage OS 15 For Moto Z (Android 8.0 Oreo)
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Download Lineage OS 15 For Moto Z (Android 8.0 Oreo)

The 2016 launched device, Moto Z, is one of the best budget phones and the best part is, this device would also receive official Android Oreo OTA update in near future. Now, we all know that Motorola, a Lenovo acquired company, has become very careless in providing updates on time, so it’s not clear when the device would receive OTA update.

Still, if you want to wait for the official update, you can wait but if you want to taste the Android Oreo on your Moto Z as soon as possible, then you should go with the Lineage OS 15 for Moto Z which is based on Android Oreo. Now, this Lineage OS 15 for Moto Z is shared by a well-known XDA developer, erfanoabdi.

According to the details, this Lineage OS 15 for Moto Z has almost every feature of Android Oreo, including the picture-in-picture mode or the notification dots. However, it has also been said that users might experience some bugs. Another thing to notice here is, some features might be missing as of now, but all these issues will be solved via future updates/upgrades.




  1. To install this ROM on Moto Z, you need root access.
  2. This is ROM is specially designed for Moto Z, so, never try to install it on other devices.
  3. Lineage OS 15 for Moto Z is built on top of Android Oreo, hence contains almost all the features.
  4. This ROM may contain some bugs.
  5. Changing ROM deletes your entire device data, take a full backup before proceeding towards installation.
  6. Make sure that your device has at least 60% battery charged.
  7. Follow each and every step very carefully. We are not responsible for any type of mishappening to your device.



  1. Camera Preview
  2. Video
  3. MP3 Playback


Download Lineage OS 15 for Moto Z:


Installation Process:

  1. The first thing which required is a custom recovery. If you already have one installed on your device, skip this step. Here, we are using TWRP custom recovery.
  2. Now, once you have done with step 1, download all the three files Lineage OS 15 for Moto Z, GApps, and Magisk (optional) and save them in the external storage of the device.
  3. Once done, GoTo the Link and follow the Installation steps from 3 to 7.
  4. After following each step from the link carefully, flash the Magisk file, which you have downloaded.
  5. Now, at the end, you have to wipe cache & Dalvik cache. And after wiping, reboot your device.
  6. Congratulations, you have now Lineage OS 15 installed on your PC. Go to Settings > About Phone and verify the same.

Enjoy Android Oreo features on your Moto Z.

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