Download Huawei P10 Plus Nougat B171 Update For Europe
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Download Huawei P10 Plus Nougat B171 Update For Europe

Huawei P10 Plus is one of the best phones launched this year, which has all the necessary features with powerful hardware. Now, the company has rolled out an Android 7.0 Nougat update for Huawei P10 Plus (VKY-L09) with build number VKY-L09C432B171, which brings a lot of improvement and bug fixes. If you haven’t received the OTA notification, you can go to the About Phone section and scan for the same.

One thing to notice here is, the OTA update depends on your region, so it might take some days or weeks to reach your device. Now, if you want to update your device right now, you can surely follow our manual process to install the update on your device. But before jumping to the installation, you should learn more about this update.



  1. The Nougat Update is only for Huawei P10 Plus (VKY-L09), so don’t try to install on other devices. You may end up damaging those devices.
  2. Make sure that your device has at least 60% battery charged.
  3. You need a Desktop or Laptop, in order to install this update.
  4. Installing this update won’t delete any data, but still, you are advised to create a full backup for a safer side.
  5. Follow each and every step very carefully. We are not responsible for any type mishappening to your device.


Download Huawei P10 Plus Nougat B171 Firmware Files :


Installation Process:

  1. At first, you need to do following things:
    • Unlock the bootloader of your phone. If you already have unlocked it, skip this step.
    • Download file.
    • Download all the necessary files from the above-given links –,, and
    • Once downloaded, rename the file “” to “” and the file “” to “”.
  2. Now, extract the “” which you have downloaded in the first step and save the folder on either your PC or device’s external storage.
  3. Once done, copy all the three update files, which you have downloaded and renamed in the first step, to the “HWOTA” folder in case of external storage or to the “HWOTA\update” folder in case of PC.
  4. Now, run the “update.bat” file as an administrator. You will be asked whether you have copied the files, press any key to continue.
  5. Once done, connect your device to PC and reboot into bootloader mode by pressing “Volume Down” and “Power Button” simultaneously or just use “adb reboot bootloader” then press any key. This step will install TWRP on your device.
  6. Now disconnect your device from PC. Turn off and then press “Volume Up” and “Power Button” simultaneously to enter TWRP mode.
  7. Once you are in TWRP mode, connect your device again to your PC and press “Enter Button” on your PC.
  8. Now, if your update files are saved in the external storage of the device, type 1 and press enter. And, if your files are saved in PC itself, type 2 and press enter.
  9. Once done, you will be asked the update type, so type 1 and press enter button twice.
  10. Well, the installation will start soon. Wait until everything finishes.
  11. Congratulations, your device now runs on the latest firmware.
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