Download Huawei Mate 9 (MHA-L29) 7.0 Nougat OTA Update – USA
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Download Huawei Mate 9 (MHA-L29) 7.0 Nougat OTA Update – USA

Today’s Good news is that Huawei Mate 9 users have finally got the official Android 7.0 Nougat update. The Nougat update for Huawei Mate 9 is optimized for lightning fast performance and solid stability. Huawei is also upgrading their Native user interface to the latest version EMUI 5.0. And not only that but this 7.0 Nougat update for Huawei Mate 9 also brings Amazon Alexa cloud-based voice service for the Mate users.

The Android 7.0 Nougat B183 update is only availed for the MHA-L29 variant for now. This is a regional update for the USA.

Huawei has made a lot of efforts to make the launcher user-friendly. In the new EMUI 5.0, most of the system settings can be change with three or less than three taps on the screen which is a very good improvement as a user interface point of view. And the goodness is not limited to this, therefore explore the new UI and android Nougat by installing new the update.

Now you can download and install 7.0 Nougat OTA on Huawei Mate 9 Smartphone through the given below listed instructions.

Firmware Information


Device Huawei Mate 9
Model MHA-L29
Android Version 7.0
EMUI Version 5.0
Firmware B183
Build Number MHA-L29C567B183
Region USA
Status Official
Size 1.4 GB

Download Huawei Mate 9 Nougat B183 Update File – Download – Download




  1. This firmware update is solely made for Huawei Mate 9 (MHA-L29) , therefore do not apply this on any other devices.
  2. Your device must be running stock firmware and recovery for up-gradation.
  3. Follow the steps correctly if you don’t want to brick your device.
  4. Create a backup of your data before starting the installation.
  5. charge our battery to perform an android update.


Install 7.0 Nougat on Huawei Mate 9


Step 1

  1. Download 7.0 Nougat for Mate 9 ‘‘ from the download section.
  2. After the download completes, extract that zip file in a folder named ‘dload’ on your smartphone’s internal or external storage.
  3. Now, open the update menu. This can be done by punching *#*#2846579#*#* in your phone’s dialer.
  4. Now click software upgrade and run the update.
  5. Now let the installation process complete and reboot the device afterward.

Step 2


  1. Now, download the Nougat zip for Mate 9, from the download section.
  2. After downloading extract that zip in the ‘dload’ folder replacing all the previous contents.
  3. Again open the update menu by typing *#*#2846579#*#* in the dialer.
  4. Now run the update by selecting software update.
  5. You are done as soon as the installation finishes. Reboot and enjoy the new Nougat.

    If you face any issue with above method, you can ask for the help on our discussion forum.

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