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Download Huawei Honor 7 Stock Marshmallow B370 Firmware – Europe

Until this very moment, Chinese manufacturer Huawei managed to update all of its handsets to the latest version of Android, 6.0.1 Marshmallow. However, the Honor 7, one of the company’s most popular models, is among the last models to receive the update, the update rolling out now OTA in Europe (just Finland, to be more specific).

If you can’t wait until your phone will receive it, we’ve put together a short guide on how to download and install Huawei Honor 7 Stock Marshmallow B370 Firmware. It is available for the Honor 7 PLK-L01 variant, and it will upgrade your phone to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, with the EMUI 4.0 interface. The update has around 1.53 GB and it has the build number PLK-L01C432B370. Let’s see how it’s done!


Warnings and Requirements


  • This firmware is just for Huawei Honor 7 models from Europe. It will not work on phones from other regions.
  • Make sure your battery level is above 70%. Our recommendation would be to start with a fully charged battery, so you can avoid an accidental shut down.


Download Huawei Honor 7 Stock Marshmallow B370 Firmware




Install Huawei Honor 7 Stock Marshmallow B370 Firmware


Step 1: The process will erase the data on your phone, so a backup is recommended. In order to perform this, you need to get the Helium app. Here – Link

Step 2: Launch the app. It will prompt you to download the Helium Desktop Application. Here – Link

Step 3: Go to Settings > About phone and tap Build number 7 times, in order to enable Developer Options. Enter this menu and enable USB debugging. Then, connect your Honor 7 to a PC, via USB cable.

Step 4: Launch the desktop app. It will automatically start searching for available device. After detecting your phone, the desktop app will be activated and there’s no need to keep it connected via USB cable.

Note: every time your device reboots, repeat the above process, as Android will reset the changes made in Helium with every reboot.

Step 5: Select the apps you want to backup. A list with all your apps will be displayed, so select the ones you want to keep.

Step 6: Now, tap on the backup option and you will be prompted to select the destination. As soon as you do this, the backup process of your phone will begin.

Step 7: After the backup is ready, download the stock Marshmallow B370 firmware, according to your device’s model number. You can find all versions here.

Step 8: Rename the downloaded file to and extract the file.

Step 9: Create a dload folder in the phone’s internal storage on SD card and copy the extracted file there.

Step 10: Go to Settings > About phone > System Update and select Local Update.

Step 11: Select the downloaded update file’s location in the next screen and the installation will start automatically.

Step 12: Once the process is completed, wait for a reboot and you’re ready. You have successfully installed stock Marshmallow B370 firmware on your Honor 7.

Step 13: Restore your data, using Helium, by checking the Restore and Sync option. In the ‘My Devices’ section, select the destination of your backup, check the apps you want back, and tap ‘Restore’.

If you have any questions regarding this process, feel free to ask us, using the comments section below!


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