Download Second Beta of Flyme 6 OS ( For Meizu Devices (7.0 Nougat)
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Download Second Beta of Flyme 6 OS ( For Meizu Devices (7.0 Nougat)

If you are one of the lucky folks who own a Meizu handset, then we have got you a good news. Yes! It is very amazing to know that; Meizu has released the second beta of Flyme OS for almost all the latest Meizu devices.

The new software version supports devices like Meizu M3s, M3 note, M2 note, M2, PRO 6, PRO 6 Plus, U20, and MX5. Typically, as already in the usual practice, this new version of the OS is pushed through an OTA program.

Hence, you should receive a notification on your Meizu device shortly, asking for the update. However, if you don’t want to wait until the official update notification arrives; you can also download and install Second Beta Flyme 6 OS manually.

If you are interested, check out our below guide and follow the instructions to upgrade your device.

As you all know, the 7.0 Nougat is really a stunning version of the Android OS, when compared to any other versions right now. With this update you can keenly adapt lots of improvements, bug fixes and optimizations.

Here, we have presented a short look on some of its features, like the ameliorated home screen layout; precisely enhanced notification priority, according to a new storage strategy; optimized task manager; a lot improved lock screen text color, which makes it clear and readable, even on white backgrounds; and finally, the enhancements in system translation, stability and agility.




Beforehand, you may find yourself into some common issues, while downloading and installing the Second Beta Flyme 6 OS. Don’t worry, we are giving out some warnings and tips that would help you avoid it.

  • Keep in mind that is update is rolling out, only for the Meizu devices, so please don’t try it on other devices.
  • Make sure to charge your phone for at least 50-60% of battery level, so your handset will not turn-off, in the middle of the whole process.
  • One of the highly recommended tip is, try to have a back-up of all your valuable data, in order to avoid any loss of it that can potentially happen during this process.
  • At last, please try to follow the below steps sequentially.


Download Second Beta of Flyme OS For Meizu


Flyme OS For Meizu M2 – Download

Flyme OS For Meizu M2 Note – Download

Flyme OS For Meizu Pro 6 – Download

Flyme OS For Meizu Pro 6 Plus – Download

Flyme OS For Meizu U20 – Download

Flyme OS For Meizu MX 5 – Download

Flyme OS For Meizu M3s – Download

Flyme OS For Meizu M3 Note – Download



Install Flyme OS on Meizu Devices 


Step-1: First of all, check your device model and download the corresponding Flyme OS beta OTA zip.

Step-2: Now copy the downloaded files to your phone’s memory.

Step-3: Turn off the phone, and then press the volume up button and the power button until the phone vibrates.

Step-4: Your device will now show the upgrade window.

Step-5: To begin the update process, select the system upgrade and click on the start button.

Step-6: Wait for a while, until the flashing is complete.

Step-7: After flashing, your device will automatically upgrade to the new second beta of Flyme 6 OS.

We hope that you would have successfully installed the second beta of Flyme 6 OS, by now. Make sure to check your device model and download the respective zip file to update.

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