Download Android 8.0 Oreo Factory Image For Google Nexus and Pixel Devices
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Download Android 8.0 Oreo Factory Image For Google Nexus and Pixel Devices

A big news for today is that Android 8.0 Oreo Update for Nexus and Pixel devices has been officially released by Google. This is the first developer preview of Android O and may contain bugs, therefore it is advisable not to use it as your daily driver. But the bright side is that new updates will come soon to fix bugs and improve performance. And you get to use all the new features of Android Oreo before anyone else.

The new Android 8.0 Oreo includes features like picture-in-picture and Autofill. Plus it has stronger security features than ever. You can taste your piece of Oreo by installing Oreo factory image on your Pixel or Nexus device from the installation tutorial given below, so wait no more and start installing Android Oreo on Google Pixel and Nexus devices.



  • Make sure that you have Fastboot and ADB drivers installed on your computer.
  • Do not forget to take a complete backup of your data.
  • The Oreo image showcased here will only work for given Nexus and Pixel devices, thus do not try to flash it on other devices.
  • Follow the steps correctly and do not skip any.

Download Android 8.0 Oreo Factory Image For Nexus and Pixel


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Install Android 8.0 Oreo Factory Image on Pixel and Nexus


Unlock Bootloader of Nexus & Pixel devices


  1. Firstly, enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlock options from the developer options.
  2. On your computer, navigate to the ADB folder and press “Shift + Right-clickbuttons and select open command window hereto open up a command prompt in that folder.
  3. Now connect your Pixel or Nexus device and type “adb reboot bootloader” to boot into fastboot mode.
  4. Type “fastboot devices” and check if it displays an entry in the prompt or not. If yes, your device is properly connected and if no then, go install the ADB and fastboot driver first.
  5. To unlock the bootloader of Google Pixel and Nexus devices type “fastboot flashing unlock” and wait for the process to finish. Afterward, your device will boot into bootloader mode.


Flash Android 8.0 Oreo Factory Image on Pixel and Nexus Devices


  1. First, download the Oreo Factory Image for your Pixel or Nexus from the above download section on your computer.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file and open up a command prompt there by navigating to that folder and pressing “shift + right-click” and click on “open command window here“.
  3. Enable the USB Debugging on your Pixel or Nexus device and connect your device to the computer.
  4. Now, enter “adb reboot bootloader” and wait for your device to be rebooted in the bootloader mode.
  5. Afterward, type “flash-all.bat“ and press enter key. This will install the Oreo Factory Image on your Google Pixel or Nexus device.

In cases where the last command does not work, you can enter the below commands to manually install Oreo Factory image on Google Pixel or Nexus devices.

1) First, flash the bootloader and the radio

fastboot flash bootloader <bootloader file name here>.img
fastboot flash radio <radio file name here>.img
fastboot reboot-bootloader

2) Flash the recovery, boot, and system

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
fastboot flash boot boot.img
fastboot flash system system.img

3) Now a full wipe, flash cache and user-data

fastboot flash cache cache.img
fastboot flash userdata userdata.img

4) Reboot your device

fastboot reboot

And that will be all. Enjoy your latest Oreo update on your Google Pixel and Nexus devices.

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