Corning unveils Gorilla Glass 5: Allows Even Better Protection From Shoulder Level Falls

Corning has launched the Gorilla Glass 5 which the company claims will be able to withstand a fall full face down from shoulder height and still survive 80 percent of the time.

The company which specialized in developing chemically enhanced toughened glass further added the latest Gorilla Glass 5 has been tested to remain intact even after a fall from 5.2 feet, which marks a significant improvement over the 3.2 feet that the Gorilla Glass 4 survivability is rated at. Corning had launched the Gorilla Glass 4 during fall of 2014.

Corning also underscored the need to have toughened glasses to better protect our smartphones on the back of a recent finding that revealed users have dropped their devices at least once in a year. Also, about two-third of those drops have occurred from the waist or shoulder heights. The usual case scenario would be that the phone might have been dropped while say taking a selfie or while pulling out from the trouser pockets.

The finding also revealed that about 55 percent of the owners have dropped their smartphones three or more times in a year.

Needless to say the above has ensured Gorilla Glass to emerge as the most used on smartphones, tablets or other such devices. It has been used on over 4.5 billion devices and has been chosen by over 40 of the leading industry houses around the world.

However, as the vice president and general manager at Corning, John Bayne has pointed out, whether or not the display survives a fall also depends on the way the glass has been packed on to the device. That depends on what can be termed as the fondness of the glass, a concept that refers to how the glass is attached to the device. The more exposed it is further increases the chances of it getting broken.

Corning stated the new Gorilla Glass 5 is already available to OEM but didn’t reveal any partnership it has entered into just yet. The company however expressed hope the devices enabled by the new glass should reach markets towards the end of the year.

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