BlackBerry KeyOne Land in Europe on May 5th, Available Pre-order For £499
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BlackBerry KeyOne Land in Europe on May 5th, Available Pre-order For £499

The BlackBerry proudly announced its next highly-anticipated smartphone, BlackBerry KeyOne at the MWC 2017, in partnership with the TLC (Chinese Multinational Company). Well, the device has also been officially unveiled in Barcelona over a month ago. Yet, until now it is not showcased on any retailer’s.

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However, many people have guessed that this gigantic smartphone will be globally shipped starting from April onward. But unfortunately, the Blackberry has moved the time frame for the KeyOne to May. However, to cheer up their fans, those who are eagerly waiting for the phone, now they have made the pre-orders available for it in Europe.

Apart from that, the phone is the second Android device from the BlackBerry. Moreover, interestingly the phone carries its traditional hardware keyboard, the feature that has not been in existence for quite a long period, in the current smartphone market.

Actually, a few local retailers in the UK, has already started the pre-orders to offer the smartphone. But now, it’s time for the European people, officially. Hence, you can pre-order the phone from the local BlackBerry retailer branch, near your location, if you are put up in Europe now.

According to the assurance given by the UK retailer Clove, the first stock of BlackBerry KeyOne will be available for purchase, as soon as possible, which is expected to happen in the month of May. Many customers have already registered their names for the pre-orders, which is priced £499 through the Clove UK. The one disappointing thing here is, the company haven’t offered any bonus or freebies for the purchasers.

While recalling the features of the BlackBerry KeyOne, these are the main aspects: It has a 4.5-inch IPS display with 1620 x 1080 pixel resolutions; powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 octa-core processor; 3GB of RAM and 32 GB of built-in storage; 8 MP front camera; and 12 MP the main camera.

Further, the smartphone will come in both, Unlocked and SIM-free features. Yet for a full support, it is important to check the GSM frequencies, in the available specs and compatibility of the local carriers. Finally, the BlackBerry KeyOne will hit the shelves only with its attractive Black color.

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