BlackBerry KeyOne Arrived in Austria For €56.90 Contract Price
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BlackBerry KeyOne Arrived in Austria For €56.90 Contract Price

The BlackBerry KEYone has already made the debut in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. The previous launch has encouraging results for Blackberry. And now the Blackberry KeyOne is arriving in Austria.

The phone is set to launch with Carrier A1. The contract price for the Blackberry KeyOne is set to as low as €56.90 and €0 up front. The phone is already listed on the website. Considering the launch of the KeyOne in the US and Canada of last month and the response from the market has already given hope to Blackberry.

Blackberry has raised stocks with KeyOne but if you are a heavy user and want something competitive then you might want to think again before buying the phone as it did not perform very well in the comprehensive durability tests. But it is also a fact that the KeyOne is a smartphone that worth your trust.


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