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Blackberry Hamburg Spotted And Coming Next Week: New Code Name ” ROME”

Update – Recently, Geeekbench leaked a new code name Of upcoming Blackberry’s Android smartphone ” ROME”.


Blackberry Hamburg is the company’s second Android powered Smartphone and it is getting ready for release.  It already passed the FCC and it is going to be built by Alcatel.  This would be the first novelty phone from the company following their Blackberry Priv.  If things go the way it is right now then we would know the release date over the coming days and we would have our very own unit upon its launch in the US.

The phone is being developed by TCL (the company that owns Alcatel).  News has it that TCL would take over the development of the phone as part of their agreement with Blackberry, but the phone unit would be credited to the latter company as the unit would sport the Blackberry name in it.  So far, there are no confirmations on whether both companies work on this project together or Blackberry is just using their name on the new device.  Anyway, it is not that important as what‘s more important is the new unit and not the brand behind it.  People would surely glad to know release date for the device since it is  already gotten popular among the public.

If you are expecting a High-End Smartphone then this news would come as a disappointment for you as the Hamburg isn’t one of those.  The specs aren’t really that great since it would only have a 5.2-inch Full HD display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 chipset, 3GB of RAM, and 16GB worth of storage.  It also includes a 13MP rear-facing camera, an 8MP front-facing camera, and given BlackBerry’s recent shift to Android, there is a pretty good chance the new unit would also has the same platform of the old unit.  The Blackberry Hamburg or Blackberry Neon would sell for about $268 USD (around $350 CAD) when it launches later this year.

If you want to buy your very own Neon then don’t forget the date, it would be unveiled this coming August, but it is not clear on when the exact date is going to be held.  Given the fact that it is competing in one of the most compatible market today, the price isn’t too low as it is just right because the specs are not that great.  This would be right for the middle-range people since it is not that pricey, but the specs are what most people would look for in their phone.  The Blackberry Neon would probably be revealed by next week, so we would have more details about it by then.

There is a rumor that Blackberry is working on three units; the Blackberry Neon is one of them, which would be the first one to hit the market.  By October, another phone would be revealed which would be called Blackberry Argo and it would be larger than the first one.  The last unit is known as BlackBerry Mercury and it would have its very own keyboard, it probably is to be release next year. BlackBerry CEO John Chen claimed that they would be discussing the new hardware next week.



Source: UberGizmo


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