Black Galaxy Tab S3 launch in UK Delayed by a Week
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Black Galaxy Tab S3 launch in UK Delayed by a Week

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 kept the company pacified, to successfully get through the big event MWC 2017, making up the absence of the S8 brothers. Hence undoubtedly, we could say that the Tab S3, typically rocked the event for the company, over a month ago. Gaining so much anticipations, with its awe-strucking specs for a tablet, it seemed to be quickly made available on pre-orders for £599, without any delay.

The pre-orders, also carry an interesting offer, to come along with a £119-worth free Keyboard book cover, for those who are registering, before March 31st. But now it seems that there is a bit of lag in the speed that the slate was arriving the customers.

Initially, when the pre-orders were opened, it was mentioned that the Tab S3 will begin to ship, by March 31st, for both the color variants (Black and Silver), in UK. Unfortunately, due to some unspecified reason, now the company’s official UK website states that the Black color version, of the Tab S3, would arrive the crowd, only by April 7th.

This is quite an unexpected, setback as the tablet recently received its first security update (March security patch), indicating the fast-phased process. Hence, it is definitely disappointing for most people, who were in eager to have the latest tablet in Black color. Yes, luckily there are no changes on the arrival time-frame, of the Silver color variant.

Though the company haven’t declared anything yet, as a reason for this unanticipated delay, there are so many potential factors that are being said to be the obstacle for the Galaxy Tab S3, to come out. Among it, the obvious reason is that the Tab’s production is hindered, as the company is busy with the launch and deliverability process of the Galaxy S8 duo. However, it might also be due to the deficient supply for the Galaxy Tab S3, in the UK.


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