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Backup Your Call Log, SMS, And MMS Automatically

Cloud services has enabled us to backup all of our data, but usually text messages, MMS and call logs escape this backup system. Even though we rely more on message services like Whatsapp, there still could be important text messages stored on your phone like bank statements, texts about your insurance premium reminders, etc. That is the reason we are writing this article to help you backup your important texts, MMS and call logs.

Let’s get you ready:


There are multiple applications available on the App Store for the purpose of backing up your text messages. But not all of them will provide backup functionality with cloud support. That is why we recommend you to use SMS Backup+. This application is available for free in the store, so download and install this application. SMS Backup+ will allow you to backup your texts on your Gmail account therefore, you can easily retrieve it when you are in need.

Another good addition to SMS Backup+ is Tasker. This application will let you automate many tasks in your device. You can schedule it to send a happy birthday message to your friend on some specific time or you can trigger an app when certain condition matches, etc. It is a quite expandable application if you would like to use, but it will cost you around $2.99 in return.

Use SMS Backup+ to keep your SMS, MMS and call logs safe:


Believe it or not, we all need SMS service as it is always available without the internet and you bank in not going to Whats-app you to notify about the important transactions. Therefore you should regularly backup your text messages in case you lose your device or reset it without taking backup. In this scenario, Tasker may be of help to remind you on monthly bases or whenever you want, otherwise you have to do it manually.

SMS Backup+ is a very user-friendly application and you will not feel any trouble setting it up. And don’t get misguided by the name of this application as this application will not only help you to backup your SMS, but it will also help you to backup your MMS as well as call logs.


For most of the Android users, the default SMS application has already been replaced by Google’s Hangout. And if not then you can simply install Hangout in your phone, it nicely manages your texts and it’s free as well. After that, you can find a Lable named ‘SMS’ in your Gmail account.

The general setup of SMS Backup+ is really neat and clean. Just Install and fire it up. For the first time, it will ask for permission to use your Gmail account, grant it and follow the bellow steps to easily backup your texts.

  1. Connect the app to your Gmail account. This application uses OAuth, which means it does not require any special permission but your confirmation. And you can easily disallow this application from your Google Account Setting.
  2. Click on the “Connect” check box.
  3. Choose your Google account on which you want to backup your messages.
  4. You can backup all the messages in your memory or you can decide to backup forward that point also.


If you want to backup all of your messages than just turn on the auto backup feature and it will backup all of your texts available in memory and also will backup the new SMSs on a timely manner. And if you wish to backup some specific messages only, as we all know how telecom companies keep on spamming us with useless messages that we never want, then you can follow the below steps.

Choosing which messages to back up

  1. Navigate to the “Advanced Settings”.
  2. Click on “Backup settings”.
  3. Select what you want to backup. As you can set it to backup only SMS or MMS or you can set it up to do both.
  4. You can change the label that is going to be created in your Gmail account simply by clicking on the SMS section. This is optional as it creates ‘SMS’ named label by default.
  5. Click on the back button to save your changes.


Auto backup settings

  1. Click on the “Auto backup settings”.
  2. Choose “Regular schedule” option to set a sync frequency. The default value is set to 2 hours, but I think 24 hours is quite reasonable. Anyways it’s your personal preference.
  3. Choose “Incoming schedule” to set up a time when SMS Backup+ triggers its actions. You will find it set up on 3 minutes by default.
  4. Click the back button to save the changes and to navigate to the main screen.
  5. Turn on the “Auto backup” option by clicking the check box and make sure it stays that way.


If you do not wish to schedule backup frequency and backup your data manually then you can hit the big backup button located on the bottom of the screen. But keep in mind that if you do not turn on Auto Backup feature, then the regular schedule will not work. And this is where Tasker comes into the picture.

Backup SMS with Tasker:

SMS Backup+ has to be set up as third party integration in Tasker to allow it to backup your data.


  1. Navigate to SMS Backup+ to enable the integration.
  2. Click on the “Auto backup settings”.
  3. Exit SMS Backup+ and fire up Tasker.
  4. Create a new Tasker Task and name it “SMS backup” or whatever you wish.
  5. Click on the “+” button to add an action.
  6. Select “3rd party”.
  7. Select “SMS backup+”.
  8. Click the back button to save the settings and exit.
  9. To set up how and when Tasker backup your SMS you need to set up a profile. Like you can set it up to backup on every Sunday or whenever you wish.
  10. For that navigate to the “Profiles” tab of Tasker, create a new profile.
  11. Select “Day”.
  12. Click on the “Month Day” a drop-down menu will appear then change it to “Week Day”.
  13. Select “Sunday”.
  14. Click the back button to save the made changes.
  15. Select your backup task.
  16. Now you are ready to go!070716_1612_Backupyourc8

And this is all for the backup project. I am sure you also have some nice ideas about this thing and you maybe are using differ applications for this purpose. Do comment and tell us what you think about this guide and tell us which your favorite backup application is. Also comment if you face some specific problem, we will surely help you out of that and maybe we will make another guide for all of our users regarding to that.

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