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Asus ZenFone 4 Key Specs Surfaces, Could Be Launch in May

While most manufacturers are preparing to launch their flagships in February, March or even April, Asus doesn’t want to hurry up at all, since the ZenFone 4, apparently their top notch model for 2017, is rumored to make its debut somewhere in May.

The arrival is imminent, considering that the specs have already surfaced on GFXBench, so we know what to expect from the handset, in terms of features and processing power. On the other side, we don’t know what to say about the name…

Back in 2014, the Taiwanese manufacturer released a device with the same name, ZenFone 4, but it was a simple 4.0″ smartphone, with not-so-impressive specs, while this year’s variant is packing a pretty serious amount of power. Will Asus opt for a different name in the end? Hard to tell right now.

As for the specs we were talking earlier, it seems that this presumed Asus flagship will come with a 5.7″ display, rocking a QHD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, while under the hood it could have a Snapdragon 820 chip. Yes, it’s not the newest and most powerful model, but it’s still a great processor!

Moving on, the benchmark site also shows that 6 GB of RAM will work alongside the processor, while the internal storage will count 64 GB. Hopefully, it will also feature a microSD card slot.

In terms of camera, the GFXBench result doesn’t reveal anything, but if we’re allowed to take a wild guess, we’d say 13 MP on the back and 8 on the front.

The exact release date of the Asus ZenFone 4 isn’t mentioned yet, but we could see it making its official debut at the end of February, over at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, while in May it could start hitting the shelves, all over the world.

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