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Asus Unveiling ZenFone 4 Smartphone In May 2017

Asus’ claim on the market seem to be getting larger as the smartphone company sold a ton of its ZenFone 3 smartphone throughout last year, 2016. The company despite its huge success in the market is however losing money continuously as it only managed to stay afloat in the first three quarters of the past year with the company making a significant turn around income wise only in the fourth quarter of the year.

However, the turn around witnessed in the fourth quarter of the year was not enough to cover the losses accrued over the last three quarters seeing as the smartphone company shipped in a total of 17.5 million ZenFone series smartphones in 2016 which means it shipped in just a few millions less than it did in 2015.

However, Asus seem to be hitting the new year on a new ground as it has set a solid road mad with the expected launch of the ZenFone 3 Zoom and ZenFone AR which according to projections will help boost its profits.

Adding to the list of the smartphones that will be witnessing an official launch soon, Asus will also be unveiling the ZenFone 4 smartphone come May according to sources from the smartphone company’s supply chain.

Not much is known of the expected first ZenFone 4 but it is expected to feature upgrades to the already known ZenFone 3. Other sources expect that the smartphone will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress which is expected to hold in late February.

Following the unveiling at the MWC, it is expected that the company will make the ZenFone 4 available some months after which lends support to the May projection.

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