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Asus Launched Newest ZenPad 3 8.0 Tablet

A brand new ZenPad 3 8.0 tablet from Asus has just been launched and tech bloggers have noticed that it looks very similar to the Asus ZenPad Z8.

The latter was made specifically for Verizon, an important mobile carrier, and it is sold at $149.99 together with a two year contract or at $249.99, if it is bought without the contract. It can also be bought through an installment plan for Big Red customers that implies paying $10.41 per month over a period of 24 months.

The Asus ZenPad Z8 has a 7.9 inch LCD screen with 1536 x 2040 px in resolution, 2GB of RAM and is powered by a Snapdragon 650 chipset.

The recently launched ZenPad 3.8.0 from Asus is very similar to the ZenPad Z8 and it also has a 7.9 inch LCD display with 1536 x 2040 px in resolution. It features a 1.8 GHz Snapdragon 650 SoC with a hexa-core CPU and an Adreno 510 GPU, which are the exact specs found on the ZenPad Z8. However, while the ZenPad 3.8.0 comes with 2GB of RAM and 16 GB for storage like the ZenPad Z8, it also has a 4GB variant with 32 GB of storage space. That storage space can be expanded via a microSD card to 128 GB.

The two ZenPads are also similar when it comes to camera specs. Both devices feature an 8MP rear one and a 2MP front one. They also have the same huge battery type – a 4680 mAh one that offers around 11 hours of battery life. Moreover, the two tablets are similar when it comes to having stereo speakers and a Type C USB port.

As you can see the only real difference between two ZenPads is that fact that the ZenPad 3.8.0 has a 4GB of RAM variant with 32GB of storage space.

So far, here is no information about the price of the Asus ZenPad 3.8.0, but it shouldn’t be that different from the Verizon ZenPad given that they pretty much have the same specs. The 4GB of RAM one might cost a bit more though.


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