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Apple’s Upcoming Watch 2 Will Be Launched Later In 2016

A better and faster Apple Watch is presumed to be released later this year and several tech analysts have begun to speculate about its features.

To begin with, Ming Chi Kuo – KGI Securities analyst – released a note for tech investors a while ago in which he predicts that an upcoming Apple Watch 2 will be launched later in 2016 and that it will be faster and feature a higher battery capacity. He also predicted it to be powered by a TSMC processor and that it will be waterproof. Lastly, he believes that the device will have a built-in GPS system and a barometer.

His predictions don’t stop there; he also states that this upcoming watch won’t differ too much in design from the first gen Apple Watch and that it will have the same thickness and screen size. Kuo also stated that while there are rumors that the watch will support cellular connectivity, he does not believe that the upcoming device will benefit from LTE support right now, at least not until 2017.

Another thing that the KGI analyst does not believe will happen is the Apple Watch 2 Having a FaceTime Camera, which is again a rumored spec for the upcoming device. He continued by stating that a good indication of when the next gen Apple Watch 2 will be released is when the first gen of Apple Watches begins to be sold at a discounted price.

He also spoke about Apple Watch 2 shipments between 2018 and 2020 when several tweaked models could be made that will feature more FDA approved health apps, form changes and perhaps even a 5G network.

It should also be noted that Apple has lately developed the habit of pushing Apple Watch sales together with iPhone sales and based on this we could assume that the next gen of Apple Watches could be released together with the upcoming iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The latter devices are rumored to be released on the 16th of September so it’s very possible that we might see either an upgraded first gen Apple Watch or the Apple Watch 2 released alongside it around those dates.

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