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Apple’s Second macOS Sierra Public Beta Now Up For Testing

If you are using a Mac, you might be interested to know that Apple’s Second macOS Sierra Public Beta released, the OS specially made for Mac.  The second public beta comes right after the first beta and the third beta comes after a few days.  The developer must have forgotten to change some things in the third since it also has the same feature as the second public beta.   Anyway, it is not that important as we should be focusing on what works for us and not on criticizing other people’s work.  For sure, they got their own thing in their life and they are not going to waste their lives thinking of you.

If you want to get your hands on the second beta, you would be glad to know that you can get it for free and all you have to do is signed for the Apple’s beta testing program.  But, don’t expect it to be perfect since they are still trying to improve the OS.  For sure, it is not that perfect and you might find some flaws in it.  That is the why; the company wants people to sign in for the beta testing program, so they can find the flaws in their system.   This is a pretty good deal though as you would get the system for free.  When it would be launch in the market, you can expect to pay some big bucks for the system.   It might not be perfect, but you would get it for free, that is what counts. Those who want to sign up for the best testing program should go to their site and you can get access to both iOS and OS X betas.

Just to give you some heads up, is the update that you would need to use Siri on Mac.   This means that you can do voice searches so you can find the files that you are looking for, and a lot of things.  Usually, we do searches by typing in the query box, but that technology is ancient and now we need to go with the flow.  There are some pretty new features that would make using Mac more enjoyable.  Some of the features that would be available are the “auto unlock” feature, which allows you to unlock a Mac with an Apple Watch.  Also the Universal Clipboard will make things pretty much simpler for you as you can just paste anything across multiple devices.

The iCloud is simply amazing as it would allow you to work on multiple devices as you won’t need to be in front of the computer to work with the files.  The photo features deep-learning algorithm that allows you to work on your files with just your facial, object, and scene recognition.  You don’t have to type anything as you just need to click on those rich links, bigger emoji, and “Tapback” response options for the macOS Sierra update to one Apple Pay.  From there, you can use your device to pay to your utilities.

Source: MacRumor

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