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Apple’s Second iOS 10 Public Beta Available For Beta Tester

Just two weeks after Apple releases the first iOS public Beta and just a few days following the seeding of the third developer beta of IOS 10, the company made the second public beta of iOS 10 available for the beta tester .   Beta tester would be using the iOS for quite some time to find out any flaw in the design.  If they do find any flaws then they would report it to the company and the company would do something about it.  Not only, the beta tester gets a free OS, but they also get some money as payment for their service.

If you want to be a beta tester then you need to go to their site and sign up for it.  From there, you could get the iOS 10 beta update right after installing the certificate on your device.  After the installation is complete, you can use the iOS 10 and you are ready to look for bugs within the system.  You can pretty much do a lot of things since you would get an access to both iOS and OS X betas.   Don’t forget to do a lot of testing till you find some flaws within the iOS since they pay a huge sum for those, who can help them improve the system. If you aren’t sure how to install the iOS 10 beta, the video below would guide you throughout the installation.  Remember that they made the beta available for you since it is not perfect and you would surely encounter some bugs within the system.  Then again, finding some bugs within a system isn’t an easy job since you would need to consume lots of hours to find the bug. But, if that makes you happy then this work is a pretty good sideline for you.

The second public beta of iOS 10 and the third developer beta of iOS 10 are almost the same since there would be just a few flaws between the two.  Anyway, if you are interested for some old features that you can expect from the iOS 10, here are a few features that you can expect; it would have a new keyboard sound to make things lively, an accessibility option to use iOS 9-style Touch ID, haptic feedback when locking an iPhone, improved Quick Actions for sharing apps, and probably more.

Now, for some new features available in the iOS 10 you would likely find in the system.  There would be a lock screen experience to protect the user from people stealing the whole unit as it would be unusable after that is activated, but of course, the owner can go to the site and have it unlock again since it is registered in their name.  Other features that would be readily available for you are the revamped Messages app with background animations, bubble effects, Digital Touch, a full App Store and more.

For now, it is only available for the developers and the public beta tester. The company is eyeing to perfect the iOS 10 by fall, in time for its release.

Source: MacRumors

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